My speciality is helping clients process life experiences with unparalleled depth and awareness so they can navigate into their most empowered and authentic state of being. It's alchemy, turning dark heavy states of consciousness into light. A process that has helped me tremendously through my experience of healing  unexplainable anxiety, chronic illness and ancestral stories that live within us all, causing us to believe the negative repetitious mind that pulls us back into the same stories and reactions that are outdated and worn. 

How is it done? It begins with bringing awareness into the uncomfortableness that you hide, avert and shy away from. Sinking into these energetic cringes within the body and following intuition, together we face the dark unconscious aspects living within you. An allowance for the stories and deceptions of the many false selves that are consciously, unconsciously and subconsciously buried- to be transmuted, healed and woven back into the fabric of being. In this space of surrender and spacious relaxation, there is a feeling, knowing and witnessing of the many structures that no longer serve your best interest. With recognition and compassion, there is a dissolution of the constricted energies that open pathways for the discovery of the true self that is always present to emerge. 

The result is neutrality, a renewed sense of awareness, enlivenment, acceptance and undeniable peace. A spaciousness and lightness of being that births one into their authentic origin of truth and power. Old patterns fall away, pain can disappear from the body, relationships change, creativity and new direction emerges. The results are each unique and very personal to the individual.

At the root of it, I hold sacred space and focused intention for the unfolding of the sublime within you to be known and embraced. Creating a safe field of energy that supports the capitalization upon your inner wisdom and the lessons of Spirit. I help you usher in the re-membrance that we are energy pulsing through the universe. A discovery of the immense power of surrender, present moment awareness, compassion, love and forgiveness that turns heavy states of consciousness into light. With each new realization arises a higher vibration, trust and perspective, which shifts personal relationship with everyone and everything. Bringing Heaven to Earth. 


Seeds of Satya clientele are of all ages, ethnicities, sexual orientation, belief systems and experiences. They are seeking shifts in perspective and freedom from the imbalances of their life that cause fear, hesitancy and immobility. They are warriors ready to understand their spiritual truth and grow from their human experience. Whether it be trauma, dis-ease, life transitions, relationship issues, anxiety, grief, spiritual growth, they desire to experience transformation and expansion from the inside out, germinating freedom of movement into their most vibrant expression.

Many have tried multiple modalities and psychotherapy with no luck. Others are just curious, spiritually seeking and growing, knowing that there is something to be known and experienced through this work. Some are afraid due to religious beliefs, but step out of the box of fear. Regardless, all are ready for a shift and find that within their first session they have learned more about themselves, their patterns and conditioning than they did within their many years of self-help explorations. By the end of our work together, all walk away with new insights and coping skills; a new spacious freedom from limiting beliefs that is fed from within; a set of new and awakened eyes in which to see the world, their experience, interrelations and the True Self; and a deep knowing of the interconnected nature of the seen and unseen realms.

Seeds of Satya also works with parents, children and teens struggling and trying to navigate the complexities of life. Many children are very open to energies around them and are effected in a myriad of ways. Our results together are empowering and transformational for all involved, even when there's only one person in the family unit whom I work with, for we are all connected.


Looking back my preparation for all that I do now began at an early age. I continually heard from within, "Follow your intuition" and "You will study what you are meant to do later in life". With a great desire to be in service, my previous professions were a mental health counselor for high-risk children and adolescents, a wilderness guide for all ages, and a registered nurse in emergency surgical trauma in Tahoe, Oakland, San Francisco and Denver. Which led me to be an advocate of hospital sustainability, a volunteer to help refugees' from Burma in Thailand, and a liaison between teachers and dislocated children from Burma in US. 

Although at a young age I desired the study of more esoteric philosophies, a deeper call into the discovery of the true meaning and mystery of Jesus's life and teachings, my Southern Christian upbringing fueled fear around such teachings. My fast track into spiritual transformation and learning to help others in the way of holistic spiritual healing began through a life threatening infection that now I know was secondary to Lyme bacteria's and hospital super bugs. It was an infection that western medicine could not tame. Fear of death and dying as a new mother gripped me. For well over a month I was shown through various outer body experiences the many dimensions at play within the personal and collective "reality".  Eventually, the unrelenting painful suffering took me to my knees where I asked God... "If you want me to live, what am I to do with my life?".  Immediately I heard "Become a Spiritual Counselor and follow all paths shown. It will lead you to Truth".  This resulted in an almost immediate divine interventional healing and an Om sign of capillary refill that appeared on my right forearm. Days later I was greeted by serendipitous guidance into an already manifesting pathway into the teachings of our "truth" and how my body and being was to be of service. 

I was led to Peru where I coincidentally met a Shaman and received another incredible awakening and healing on the streets of Cusco. Shortly after, I was guided to Sacred Stream in Berkley, a school of consciousness where I received training to be a Depth Hypnosis Practitioner and Spiritual Counselor, which had an emphasis on shamanic healing and buddhist philosophies. At a yoga teacher training school in Denver, I completed an enriching program in yogic philosophy, asana and meditation. Soon after, I began the lifelong study and practice of Kriya and Kundalini yoga. I completed a six month indigenous initiation at Sacred Earth that roused a deeper sense of truth and purpose. Which then led me to study under a Contemporary Shaman in the U.S and an Indigenous Shaman/Political Environmental Activist from Greenland, increasing my intuition and tracking abilities. Through meditation and a series of mysterious events, I was shown the way to ancestral sacred land that holds ancient universal termas. This place continues to teach me in new and wondrous ways. 

A novel of magic and mystery continues, but all in all my greatest teacher has been the playground of life and the serene moments in stillness. I am grateful for all the incredible, not always easy, teaching moments and continual support I have received from the seen and unseen within my journey of following the path, "the way" of "Healer Heal Thyself".  A renewal of rich lessons of how to unfold, dissolve and Be. Allowing the layers of untruths to unearth from within, so that truth can penetrate every cell of being. 

As for Seeds of Satya, I have to live into my purpose every single day in order to serve it. Buddha said, "Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without", then Jesus later said, "The Kingdom of God is within you". This is what Seeds of Satya was created to do- Awaken Truth Within and Magic Without, bridging the distance between the heart and mind. 

The macrocosm is present within this microcosm, the miniature form of the world.
— Paramahamsa Hariharananda



SEEDS OF SATYA (Truth): Awaken Truth Within & Magic Without

Are you ready to learn from your story, awaken your true essence and weed out all that binds you?

There is no better time than Now to Cultivate your being; Harvest your wisdom, power and light;  Plant Seeds of Truth & Bloom into your Authentic Original Expression! 

The most amazing journeys in life are when we are in tune with Spirit.  I look forward to guiding you into the depths and height of your being. 



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