Seeds sprouted...

Ever since she can remember, Kari has had clairvoyant dreams, paranormal experiences and inspiring serendipitous events that whispered in her ear, "Things are not as they seem". As a child she loved playing in nature, swimming in the river, and when alone sitting in her closet looking for light beings that would magically appear in the dark. Bored by public school education, she continually received from her higher knowing, "You will study what you are meant to learn later on in life". Growing up in a southern Christian home, she suppressed her deeper desires to study esoteric philosophies and ancient spiritual paths, it felt wrong and wicked. Confused by what path to take, but a desire to serve others, Kari attended the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga for her Bachelors degree in Nursing, all the while knowing it was not where she was ultimately supposed to be. During college she worked as a mental health counselor for high risk youth in a residential home. She also mentored foster care children and parents in a non-profit doing wilderness therapy, which led to working with privileged youth, and adults within the scope of outdoor adventure- teaching and guiding rock climbing, mountain biking, white water kayaking and backpacking trips. 

She spent fourteen years in the nursing field, primarily in the area of surgical trauma in San Francisco, Oakland and Denver. Towards the last six years of her nursing career, witnessing the incredible waste, unhealthy environments and disconnect with nature and spirit in hospitals, she began to research and study sustainability within hospital corporations. Kari volunteered her time creating sustainability plans and lecturing for Denver area metro hospitals and surgical centers. She also volunteered helping refugees from Burma in Thailand and spoke about the experiences, tribulations and lifestyle adjustments of displaced families to Denver metro area teachers who had many Burmese children in their classes.

Kari found her true calling in helping herself and others through a heart, mind, body, spirit, earth approach while suffering from a life threatening infection due to a "wisdom" tooth extraction that is now known to have been secondary to Lyme bacteria.  Doctors assume was contracted at the age of 8, but went dormant and was triggered decades later by the extractions. The fear of dying gripped her. She had many outer body and mystical experiences during her illness, showing her directly of the many realms at play within our human experience.  After a month and half of powerful IV antibiotics, facial and sinus surgeries, she asked spirit, "If you want me to live, what is it that I am to do with my life?" She immediately received, "Become a spiritual counselor and study all paths. Follow the signs. They will lead you to your satya, truth".  Minutes later an Om sign of capillary refill appeared on her left arm.  Hours later the disfiguring and painful facial and neck swelling had reduced exponentially, and the following morning the oral and facial infection was healed, leaving only the sinus's to be drained. 

Shortly after, through a series of serendipitous events while traveling in Peru and at home, Kari found the Foundation of Sacred Stream in Berkley, CA, a school for consciousness, where she became a Depth Hypnosis Practitioner and Spiritual Counselor. She attained her yoga teacher training at Axis Yoga in Denver, CO, then soon after she went through a six month indigenous initiation at the Sacred Earth Foundation. She studied Spiritual Acceleration, further enhancing intuition to track and move energies that are not our truth.  Tri-annually she meets in circle with environmental activist and Greenlandic Shaman Angaangaq in Europe to learn and expand. Kari has communed and studied with yogic masters, shamans and buddhist monks from around the world, and continues to do so when those special opportunities arise. 

Today, she is blessed to be the lover and soul mate of a supporting and inspiring husband, and the mother to two amazing daughters who were born into the world remembering. They continue to be her greatest teachers. Thankful for the guidance and path that continually presents through her explorations within and the learning available through being present in the moment: she can see clearly her past of being chased by the shadow. 

Her experience with Lyme was greeted with curiosity, another initiation, a learning opportunity to dive deeper and expand with limitless possibility. Allowing the mind, body and spirit to heal as the layers present, going into the process and transcending the physical with love, rather than distancing with fear and avoidance which serves only to create a snowballing tornado of emotion and physical manifestation. Kari, as well as her naturopath and past physicians continue to believe that the balance and sustenance of her health and well-being with Lyme was her healthy lifestyle and spiritual life. Energetically the stealth lyme bacterias and co-infections were defeated with the help of healer John Douglas. Detoxing from the significant waste (biofilm/inflammation) that Lyme leaves in the body has been guided with intuition using energy medicine, meditation, yoga (asana and pranayama), detox baths, fasting vision quest, sweat lodge, herbs, supplements to release free-radicals, as well as a raw vegan and sugar free diet to support the body's healing process . Throughout her process of healing she has felt held in support and a knowing that evolving consciousness changes the body and mind. The truth of our nature shape shifts our experience, reactions and body, containing the promise to be a flowing river of joy, love and wisdom, in perfect balance with the entire universe. 

With infinite gratitude, Kari continues to build experiential knowledge within her spiritual and human journey- passionately helping herself and others to align with their own body wisdom: shifting, seeing, and sensing the truth of experience and our deep connection to everything that surrounds. 

As Buddha once said, "Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without", then Jesus later said, "The Kingdom of God is within you". At Seeds of Satya, this is what we do. We awaken and seek truth from within, so that we can grow into our authentic- powerful -beautifully wild and wise being. 

In our journey together, may we…

  • Surrender into each moment, being a witness to thought, word and action.
  • Notice the divinity in all and everything around us.
  • Discover the truth that lies in every breath and in between.
  • Acknowledge the rich beauty and teachings of this interconnected web of life.
The macrocosm is present within this microcosm, the miniature form of the world.
— Paramahamsa Hariharananda

SEEDS OF SATYA (Truth): Awakening Truth Within. We all hold infinite and universal truth within. Are you ready to awaken your being? Are you ready to weed out all that binds you and learn from your story? Nourish your seeds of truth from within, and grow into your authentic- powerful -beautifully wild and wise being. 

The most amazing journeys in life are when we are in tune with spirit.  I look forward to guiding you into the depths of your beautiful, wild and infinitely wise self. Truly- kari