Introduction to Initiations for 2019 at Sacred Earth Foundation

February 16,  1:00-3:00 pm

Where: Florissant, CO

“For centuries, initiations were an integral part of the experience of life, and remain so today within many indigenous cultures. But their transformative power and joy have been lost within the haze of  modern Western culture.

This will be an experiential introduction to our program to see if you  are called to the challenges and the magic that will be offered.  If you decide to join us on this journey, the actual program requires a deep commitment of one weekend per month for 5 months (1pm on Saturday to 4pm on Sunday) and then 4 days in August when you will experience the strength and wonders of vision quest in the wilderness.

If you decide to join this year's group of walking stars, you will be asked to think well on your commitment to yourself and the other initiates. Coming to the introduction is imperative for making this decision.

IMPORTANT: YOU MUST HOLD THESE DATES if you think you may join us.  Every month of attendance is required. March 16-17, April 20-21, May 11-12, June 15-16, July 20-21 and August 16-19..  The cost for the program is $175 per month for 5 months and $350 for Vision Quest.

We hope you will honor yourself with the introduction to see if you are called. and only those who make the introduction will be considered for the program.”

For more information contact:

The Program 

“Drawing upon tradition and ceremony from a wide range of indigenous cultures, you will delve into the wonders of whom you truly are.

Much more than just rites of passage, you will learn through ceremony and personal work to find your own true calling, and to discover the unique gifts you carry in this life. It is about remembering who you really are, reconnecting to Mother Earth and finding your own immensity within.

Some of the ceremonies and traditions you will experience include:

  • Reconciliation ceremonies from New Guinea

  • Practices of the Dagara tribe of Africa

  • Rituals of gratitude from Chumash and Mayan traditions

  • Burials: letting go of the past, cleansing yourselves, feeling the oneness with Mother Earth to arise in the wisdom of who you truly are. 

  • Fire ceremony and fire walking

  • Sacred Sweat Lodge

  • 4-day wilderness Vision Quest


We offer this opportunity on an annual basis, for coed, youth, men's and women's groups.”

Pati Turner is the Founder of Tierra Sagrada, The Sacred Earth Foundation and a Biological Anthropologist.  Eight years ago she finally listened to the calling which told her it was time to share the incredible gifts she had received through her work of 20 years with indigenous elders, shamans and medicine people from around the globe.

She will be your guide on this journey to your higher self, assisted by Kari Rivers, who went through “Ancient Paths of Initiations eight years ago and has worked with many of the shamans in person Pati’s work centers around. Kari will also be carrying this important life transformational work forward.



Ancient Path’s Initiation is closed for 2019 in CO. Check back in January 2020 for dates of programs at Sacred Earth Foundation in Florissant, CO & Sacred Mountain Sanctuary in Candler, NC outside of Asheville, NC.