Follow the feeling exercise

"By going along with feelings, you unify your emotional, mental, and bodily states.  
When you try to fight or deny them, you divorce yourself from the reality of your being." ~ Jane Roberts

Here is an Exercise to help you connect to your feelings about a particular situation that allows the understanding of how our feelings affect us on so many levels.  

Following the feeling: 
Sit still. Be quiet and listen not with your ears but intuition.
Think of an event or story this week that brought you out of your peace. 
What is the emotion you felt? 
Close your eyes and sit with that emotion. 
Where do you feel or sense this emotion in your body? 
Go into this feeling/sensation. 
Imagine you are sitting in the middle of this feeling. 
Stick with it, even if it might be difficult or uncomfortable.
Then Watch it shift. 
If a story arises, it's just a story--- always go into the emotion and then the feeling that arises within the body. 
Sit with the feeling within your body you are holding because of this emotion, and watch it dissipate.
Continue to follow the feelings that arise. 
Do this until you come into a place of peace and contentment. Bathe in the peace for as long as possible. 

When we are present with our emotions we realize how impermanent they are, but when we deny them, they become imbedded and stagnant and have the potential to cause dis-ease. 

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