Him, Her and I

Some of the top selling relationship books in the past have focused on the differences between sexes, which is good in some ways as it gives us a better understanding of one another so that we can have compassion. However, it still creates the limited view of separateness and further extenuating our ego into him, her, and I. If we really want to create change we must begin to shift our perception of ourself by seeing ourselves through the eyes of soul and acknowledge both our masculine and feminine qualities. It is our imbalances and disempowerments within that are the source of all disharmonies in our relationships. 

When conflict arises, think of the other as a messenger, your teacher. Rather than defying the messenger, what is the emotion arising? Is there anything arising that you have been unable to make conscious of in yourself that the other is mirroring or matching? 

"To see your drama clearly, is to be liberated from it"- Ken Keyes