Riding the waves of life

The path is full of high summits and low valleys. A roller coaster ride of beauty, imperfection and growth. Set intentions, deep breath, meditate, pray, say mantras, sing, dance and gather in circle, and be in constant gratitude and praise. Our practices shift us, increase our vibration and bring about more peace and clarity, but if we have not recognized our fragmentation with awareness, you can guarantee we will be shown. The road in life will teach us, and that critical doubting part of the mind will arise in life situations to stir us into dealing with another layer of an aspect we've not yet dealt with.  Recognizing our aspects of mental chatter and affliction is the divine working in us to help us let go and dissolve into greater peace. Our call is to learn how not to resist but to release the tension, surrendering not recycling, so that we are no longer controlled by unseen forces. What are it's origins, why do I cling to this? Pray for answers and avenues to release, the universe will respond. Cry, cleanse and detoxify with your tears, but find gratitude for all life's imperfections that cause suffering, whether small or enormous. Give thanks for how spirit speaks to you, shows up in your life and transforms the negative aspects of ourself that are stuck and begging to be released with compassion, forgiveness, love and courage. Wash it all away, dancing into greater remembrance. 

  • Listen to the voice of the shadow, knowing that is trying to teach you, and grow into the light. 
  • Feel what sensations are in your body in connection to your emotion.
  • Feel any messages coming through. Honor them. Sit with them. Be open to the truth. 
  • Dance them in sacred space. 
  • Bow down in humble prayer, setting intention to grow into all your truth. 
  • Have gratitude for every blessing big and small. 

Grateful smiles!