The Energy of the Solar Eclipse

Tomorrow America will witness a total eclipse of the sun, where the moon and sun will be in alignment. These planetary beings will gaze directly into one another. The sun will luminously shine onto the moon, while the moon blocks the light of the sun here on earth. The "path of totality" begins in the Pacific Ocean close to where the ancient areas of mythic Lumeria are said to have once been, and end in the Atlantic Ocean where the mythic Atlantis city is suspected to have been. Moving over the continent from Oregon to South Carolina, masses will be traveling to chase a view of this dance between the sun and the moon, which has been called "the largest mass migration in history". 

Solar eclipses happen every year, but are only witnessed in specific parts of the world each year, and always occur in unison with a new moon. A repeating solar eclipse in one particular area is said to only happen once every 400 years. Historically a total eclipse has been looked at as an unpromising event, an omen per say, because of the darkness pervading over the light. A very mirror of present American theatrics, history and politics that is a subconscious collective exacerbation and hopeful purge of the past. Our direction can be powerfully influenced by the collective focus of our deepest fears, or better yet our sincerest hopes and desires. 

Mystics see that this Solar Eclipse/New Moon energy is a very powerful time to look inward rather than outward, not only during the actual time of eclipse but weeks before. It is a natural event that is asking that we use the energies of the sun and moon as a reset button. A time to consciously set clear intentions for y/our future. 

In astrology, the sun represents our focus, radiance and innermost desires. It is the planet of self expression and purpose, representing our external self that is motivated by the internal soul self. Not run by ego as talked about in my past musing, but a tangible symbol of our light and love; our gifts and potent medicine that we behold to gift to our community. 

The new moon energetically symbolizes the time to put goals into practice, and step into what it is we want to create. However, the important first step is knowing what your soul desires most. Then focus on that and in ripeness it will manifest with right action. 

Energetically, prior to a solar eclipse the sun is in full force, and as the moon approaches its lover, lying her body over the light, there is an intense power outage that mystics say has a very powerful effect on our energetic bodies. As the moon recedes from the sun, allowing the light to spread its wings, we experience a heightened renaissance, a power surge of amplified light and growth. 

So as we embark into the Solar eclipse, no matter where you are, acknowledge the eclipsed solar energy for a few moments, recalling upon the absence of the sun within you that has fed on old patterns and beliefs in recent or perhaps your entire life. Exhale this energy, and let it go. As the energy of the darkness recedes and the light returns, inhale deeply and feel the light nourishing a new vibrant and radiant you. Then envision and feel an awakened newness spreading over all of America and Earth. Allow the energy of the Solar Eclipse to recalibrate y/our energetic system- creating a new frequency, a new consciousness.