Unite With The Nature of Your Inner Child

Happy New Year! I am so excited for all that is ahead in 2018. I hope you are too!

I’m writing you from a very special place called Sacred Mountain Sanctuary in NC, and I look forward to sharing with you the magic of this place in the coming year.  Presently, my family and I are all bundled up in a little cabin with space heaters trying to stay warm from freezing temperatures. Snow is falling and ice is hanging from the branches and hugging the ground. Meanwhile the clock just struck midnight and the full moon behind the clouds is on its way to being a super moon! However, by the time this reaches you, we will have said goodbye to the holiday and already journeying into the normalcy of life. 

My husband, children and I started a New Years tradition several years ago taken from the Yule Tide tradition. We wrap colorful string around wood as we say a prayer of gratitude for the past year and all the newness we would like to invite in for our personal lives, as well as others and the world. Then we burn the rainbow colored logs in a fire. This year the weather turned suddenly, and the mountain had other ideas for us. Being in the moment, we did what was available to us and took time to write our goals on paper. We celebrated our strides in achievements. Honored our difficulties that have pushed and created more proficiency in our lives. Then at midnight we went outside to burn our wishes into ashes, using the element of fire as the activator of our thoughts, sending the ashes into the air and earth.

Hours before our little ceremony, I asked my nine year old daughter,  "In what ways have you grown this past year?”.

She thoughtfully took a moment then said, “I’ve grown in so many ways momma. As a kid, It's what I do. I’ve grown taller. I’m a better reader. I can use the stove and cook for myself now. I learned how to crochet. I can play the piano with two hands and sing while playing. I even played in my first piano recital this year. Oh, and I made soap for gifts this Christmas, and chapstick for myself!" 

Those are all big accomplishments and marks of growth I told her, and you've worked so hard. Then my five year old chimed in without a thought, “Momma, I danced, played outside a lot, colored, began Kindergarten, grew tall, lost a tooth, made a sword of light. And I pick out all my clothes by myself now”. 

So simple, yet incredibly beautiful, right? Totally free to be herself. 


What state of being is your child self in? 

Sit still and sink in. Imagine your child self standing in front of you? 

What does s/he look like? Happy/Sad, Excited/Scared, etc? 

What is it that your child self needs from you to come into a state of balance in this very moment?  

In all Spiritual paths there is a deep thread of focus and energy placed upon the re-arrival into our childlike nature. An echoed whisper to continually grow, learn, create and expand out of our impressionable judgments of the world around us. To fall into a wonderment of nature and being. Not jealous of others, or worried what others may think, but to compassionately and forgivingly love ourself and others.  To become enraptured by the moment, guided by intuition. Giving into fear and worry is not an option, because TRUST is the overarching feeling.

We can compare it to the balance act of walking across a fallen tree trunk. Each and every step you take, you find that you glide with a growing assurance, floating above the rocky creek below. No longer hindered by the extraneous, meanwhile consecutive movements become more and more effortless. Then suddenly you find yourself without thought, walking faster, bouncing, maybe even dancing. This flow of ease is what I call, the sweet nectar moments in life. 

Sure we will still have our growth pains. As we all know, our hurdles of expansion can bring very difficult circumstances. However when we make ourselves fully present in the discomfort, we unravel into the beautiful lessons and transformative healing at hand. Creating more availability to steep into the sweet nectar of wild abandonment, blooming into newness and the amplified states that continually await us. 

Throughout the year,  I hope you will join me into the task of further uniting with your childlike nature. Here's a few tips for starting out. 

- Invite in the magic and mystery of nature and spirit to teach you, speak to you, move within you and all around you. 
- Unplug & Be Still, each and every morning and night for at least 5 minutes a day. Eventually, you will find yourself making room for more and more time in silence. 
- Connect with Nature. Listen, Touch, and Walk in Awareness. 
- Laugh, Sing, Dance, Play, Draw, Paint, Write- CREATE
- When a creative idea comes to you, step forth into action. IF you don't have time, write it down and come back to it as soon as time permits.
- Dare to stretch beyond your comfort zone and learn something new. 

If you feel stuck and are having a difficult time connecting to your child nature, reminisce of what it was you enjoyed doing as a child. What did you dream of doing and being? Connect with that feeling and what it is that would bring you the same sense of joy now. Secondly, sit still and go within. Imagine your self as a child. What does s/he look like? Are you happy or sad? If unhappy, console your child self. What is it s/he needs from you now? Listen, Learn and Follow your intuition, and act upon the information you receive.

Need help to sink in? I'm always here to help you release and reclaim.