No Longer Will I Wear The Badge of Victim

warrior .jpg

We've all played the victim and there are countless stories sealed deep within our makeup to fuel the fire of victimhood. The experiences we as human beings have chose to incarnate into is quite mesmerizing to say the least. Whether we personify as victim, you will find deep within a juxtaposition of that very energy as perpertrator. 

As for the collective, we all desire to see change on earth that reflects the beauty and compassion we know is possible. Gratefully we are witnessing and are part of an incredible awakening of consciousness, like no other time in history.  It's a chain reaction. When one awakens, another opens their sleeping eyes.

However, this awakening process is not instantaneous as we all hope when we hop on the bus. It is a journey and not linear as some may hope. There are steps forward and steps back in our evolution of befriending and dissolving the lower ego. Recognizing our archetypal struggles and the stories we carry within the makeup of our personal experience, as well as within the planetary mind field, is a huge step into recognizing the play of illusion.  

As someone who has been on the path of "Healer Heal Thyself" and also one who has helped many on their own journey, I've been witness to the importance of aligning ourselves with our greatest potential for growth in the moment. Eventually we come to a point where we are forced to take off the badge of victimhood and align with our warrior within. No more excuses, no more blame, we see clearly. It's from this place we can see, sense and feel the energetic differences between the victim and the warrior. 

The victim shrinks in fear and hides in anger and grief.  The warrior stands in awareness of fear and all undercurrents of emotion and acts with purposeful action. 

The victim allows circumstance to define him/her.   The warrior is fueled and aligned by power from within despite circumstance. 

The victim feels indefinitely trapped within suffering and underneath it all feels they deserve to suffer. The warrior stays present in the suffering, with a knowingness that there will be an end to the chaos at hand.

The victim feels that everyone is out to get him/her.  The warrior knows that their worst enemy is their insecurity and perceived weakness. 

The victim waits to be rescued.  The warrior is carried by trust within and the potential that resides in every moment. 

The victim is caught in the loop holes of worry, fear and injustice. The warrior examines, observes and learns to dance within the shadow, projecting a sword of light into the realms of uncertainty and promise of a new day. 

The victim allows the transfer of perpetrator energy to evade him/her. The warrior disengages from controlling dis-empowering tactics becoming the master of compassion. 

The victim becomes enmeshed within story.  The warrior learns from the battle and walks powerfully in neutrality into the rising sun. 

Is there a victim hiding within you?

Wake up beautiful warrior, the time of victimhood has passed. Stop the repetition and recycling of story. You are a god, creator incarnate. Awaken and create your new beginning and ending. There is an army of magic all around you, waiting for you to align with your truth. Arise Master Warrior and step into your radiance and confidence of all that you know you are. Let the Universe hear your roar!