Mother Yourself Into Self

Sending Love and Gratitude to the Divine Mother and to all earthly mothers who sacrifice and love with selfless service. It is a joyful and sometimes frenzied job, and I'm so grateful for all the beautiful inspiration and examples who embody the gift and beauty of the Great Mother to us everyday and night. To the birth mother, the mother of marriage, aunties and grand-mothers, the spiritual mothers, and sister mothers, even the nurturing father mothers. To the one and only Divine mother and the earthly creation that nourishes our being. There is such incredible beauty all around.  The gifts are infinite and abundant. 

To the many I know and mentor who have had such painful experiences when it comes to mothering, because your mothers too were hurt and wounded like you,  I send prayers and blessings for you today and everyday. May your heart, your mothers heart, and the lineage of women and men before you, be nourished from the depths of your being. May the pain and loneliness be washed away and burned in the light of forgiveness and compassion. May you find the peace that you seek from the truth and love that is always present within you. 

No matter our experience in life and the relationship we have had with our birth mother, we are each called to learn how to nurture and mother ourselves.  By understanding the play of the planetary mind from the stand point of our story, we tap into the teaching that we are not the small piece of identity attached to the hardships and highlights of our story. We begin to open up to the immensity that is vaster than the sky: expanse, spacious and impersonally a part of everything. Nourish, Learn, Expand. Mother yourself into Self ~ today and everyday.