Savor the Compliment

She struck me in some kind of undefined way.  She was empowered, aged, natural and perfectly balanced of the yin and yang. I could not take my eyes off of her as she stood in front of me in the grocery line smiling. She began to bag my groceries. As she handed me my bag, I said to her, "You are so beautiful". It was as if time stopped. I felt how she took my compliment in like wine, sat with it, honored it, and held it. She didn't try to give a compliment in return, but made a guttural sigh of "Mmmm, Thank you." It was a visceral experience for both of us. We were both in the moment. Her receiving my kind words in observance of her radiance, and I being a witness of her basking in my words spoken. It was an exchange I'll never forget. 

How often do we become skirmish and uncomfortable from a compliment? I don't know about you, but I have at times felt as if a shield of protection arises when someone offers me a compliment, as if there is a part of me that feels it doesn't deserve. Thus rather than be in the moment and take in the beauty of recognition, there is a moment of discomfort where I feel I need to also give back that beauty. So I say Thank you, and repay a compliment back which has always felt inauthentic and prompted, although I may truly feel that person is worthy of whatever honest feedback I give. 

This woman taught me how to be in the moment of a compliment, and how savory it can be for both receiver and giver.