Personal Hand Made Gemstone Prayer Mala

Personal Hand Made Gemstone Prayer Mala

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My handmade with love Mala’s are each one of kind and are different than anything you will ever see. Every bead is knotted with a magnified field of love and intention. Before I begin, we discuss present challenges and intentions finding the gemstones that will support the wearer the best.

I can make these for adult, child and baby. Even teething necklaces made of wood, seeds and gemstones for momma to wear and baby to chew. Let me know your idea.

I can also create bracelets and smaller malas for children. Bracelets can be done creating a set of 3. Or one long piece that can be wrapped 3 times.

Price may vary depending on gemstone choice. Please note that I use high quality organic cotton and silk for tassles and use beautiful high vibrational gemstones. All are made with bodhi seeds and a rudraksha bead, unless asked otherwise. Each are completely unique to the individual and guided by intuition channeling the wearer and their highest vibrations.

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