Shamanic Lightwork Session

Shamanic Lightwork Session

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This is a Private Session via telephone, webinar link, or my healing space in Denver. Common duration is 60min.

We will go into a root emotion, following the frequency into the body cosmos to feel, learn from and release these energies that are not of your highest truth. We work in all times, spaces and dimensions, doing deep personal, ancestral and mass conscious spiritual healing that raises the frequency of your mental, emotional and spiritual awareness, re-uniting you with your truth, power, harmony and peace- your divinity.

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Shamanic Lightwork Healing:
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of light and love. You contain the memory of the universe which holds strands of attachment, aversions and energetic interferences born from the past that have created your reality and beliefs. All creating a false identity of who you think you are, yet is not at all the truth.


 Shamanic Lightwork is...

  • intuitively seeing into the dark unconscious aspects of the physical, emotional and mental energy fields where aspects of ourselves have become lost and fragmented

  • an alchemical composting of heavy frequencies of energies that are living within you and are constantly magnetizing and triggering you

  • an uprooting of dense, old, multi-dimensional layers of energies by bringing a focused awareness and perception to these dense energetic cringes within your cosmic body landscape that contain the planetary mind fields of beliefs and constructs created throughout time

  • an experiential knowledge that we are not our story rote with physical, emotional, and mental afflictions

  • a process of claiming one's divinity, receiving light code activations and blueprints for higher consciousness.


All you have to do is show up. We discuss what is bothering you and find the key words that trigger you most. You feel into where this energy is living within you, and it is here that I begin to intuitively track into these spaces so healing and wholeness can be invited in. 

It's a process of bringing awareness into the various layers of dense energies you are holding.  You will feel the ever evolving change within your mind, body and spirit with each discovery and release, until you come into a spacious expansion, no longer triggered in the way you once were. 


  • deep ancestral and life altering personal healing

  • life changing experiential realizations that you are not your story, thoughts, beliefs or emotions.

  • clearing of outdated contracts and agreements that no longer serve you, creating major shifts in relationship with yourself, everyone and everything

  • an opening into your heart truths where divine essences and power are embraced and brought forward into your life experience

Every session is completely unique and individualistic to the client, as we are being guided by spirit into the realms of the subconscious to surrender into the cosmic spaces within you that are ready to be embraced, lived and breathed in harmonic balance with the truth of who you are. You will leave these sessions feeling a deep state of peace and neutrality, no longer moved or swayed by the story and emotional triggers you came in with.