The Soul Catalyst (Intro DH package)

The Soul Catalyst (Intro DH package)


This package is a power house of transformation. We will work on phone, webinar link or in person for 5 hours of one on one.  If possible I would like to see you in 3 consecutive weeks.

1st Session- Life Biography from birth until now. I will then create a map of your psyche. This will be a road map for subsequent sessions, and will be an unforgettable informative discovery of the false self that will guide you into your true self, assisting in the break down of your inner barriers of mistruth.. (2 hours)

Depending on your life experience we may need to have another session, which will be an extra charge of $80. 

2nd Session- We will go over the compass map I create from the findings of our prior session(s). Then we will do a Shamanic Journey to meet an aspect of your higher divine self that will help you in our subsequent sessions together. (90min)

3rd Session- You will be guided into one of your overarching emotions or beliefs to wherever it is your soul wants to take you to be healed, released so you can call back in your truth, essence and power. I will send you off with a practice to use at home to assist you in your journey. (90min).

Once you purchase, I will contact you to schedule your sessions.

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PS. If you are unable to pay all at once. I also take check or cash in person, and am happy to take payment broken into three different installments if this works best for you, which will decrease cost a bit due to cost of platform ordering from here. Please write an email to if you are interested.

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