CONSCIOUS LIVING is a not a fad, it's a necessity. An undeniable turn in one's awakening process, experientially knowing that the body is the temple which houses the soul self, your true self, and the earth is a temporary home, an extension of the body and soul. Thus, our relationship to everything around us should be beneficial for our well-being , the earth and future generations. 

In your journey into wholeness you will innately begin to feel and experience how everything is richly connected, thus so much about your lifestyle most likely than not, will change.  Seeking lighter more wholesome foods, a chemical free home, less waste and more conscious decisions support you in your soulful living.  SEEDS OF SATYA supports you in this venture by working one on one with you to help you transition with ease into your new way of living.

GREEN LIVING  in the beginning can seem overwhelming because there is so much to consider, but once you get used to a new way of living and perceiving the world around you, it becomes second nature.  There is a wide variety of resources to help you on your path to Green Living and changing your home to a healthier conscious space.   

GARDEN GOODNESS is the best nutrition you can receive. Fresh, delicious and healthy. Are you ready to learn and receive support in your new journey into wellness? Learn and receive support as to how to eat and cook healthy nutritional meals with whole foods. A  grocery list can be provided upon request that will become second nature consisting a wide range of nuts,  vegetables, fruits, grains, beans and legumes.

Please use SEEDS OF SATYA's recipes for inspiration and aspire to cook creatively by intuition using what’s available in the kitchen at the time.  Such a style allows you to truly rise into your creative potential and instinctual ability to trust your higher self, and go beyond the fear that limits us. Thus, most recipes added to the Recipe link only have ingredients without measurements, with the hope to help one really cultivate and sink into intuition, as well as grow ever more into your trust and creativity. If this brings fear up for you, not using measurements, then this is all the more reason for you to explore your fear and overcome it. Click here for the Intuitive Chef Recipes that is updated as the inspiration flows and my busy momma work schedule allows.