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3401 W. 29th Ave, Denver CO 80211

The Seeds of Satya Healing Space is in the same building as Denver Kundalini Yoga, Meditation Training Center and Luminous at 3401 W. 29th Ave, Denver CO 80211. The building is the older brick building with the beautiful red stained glass window facing Julian Street. The building is beside Highland Event Center,which has the garden on the corner of 30th street.

The entrance you will take to get to my healing space is on the backside of the building, in the alley between the two buildings. You will enter the red door with signs posted with the above business names. Upon entering go downstairs. Seeds of Satya healing space is immediately on your right with a large sign outside the door. 

Information regarding remote sessions and private healing sessions in nature are privately emailed to your inbox once you are scheduled. 

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