Depth Hypnosis is a very unique and highly transformational modality that was an ancient practice in Tibetan Buddhist monasteries. Similar but very different from traditional Hypnotherapy, you are guided into a very relaxed and spacious state where you are able to see your personal experience from spirit point of view, illuminating the shadows within. You will be opened into new ways of seeing and understanding the origin of your suffering. Transforming your relationship to self and others by seeing what is needed to move beyond unconscious inclinations, as well as reclaiming lost power and divine essences that were shed in the moment of human difficulty and misunderstanding.  

Depth Hypnosis was developed by Isa Gucciardia, Ph.D drawing from elements of:

  • Hypnotherapy/Regression therapy
  •  Transpersonal Psychology
  •  Buddhism
  •  Shamanism
  • Energy Medicine

This type of healing therapy is individualistic, actively involving you to be the healer within your own experience, while manifesting life long physical, emotional, and spiritual well being. Going beyond traditional western therapies, Depth Hypnosis teaches rich lessons of the spirit by following issues to the core through dream work, inner child work and regressions, allowing you to become the Shaman within your own healing experience. 

I work with people of all ages and my work is highly successful with children, teens, adults and couples. Creating major shifts and empowerment in the individual and their relationships with others. People come to me for all types of issues, such as the following...

  • Fear                                                                                
  • Loneliness                                                                   
  • Sexuality                                                                       
  • Body Image                                       
  • Habits/ Addictions                                                   
  • Personal Growth/Life Transitions                                                      
  • Acute/Chronic Illness
  • Anger
  • Confusion
  • Depression
  • Relationship Issues
  • Pregnancy/Abortion/Parenting Issues 
  • Death/Dying/Grief                   


DEPTH HYPNOSIS typically requires a commitment of at least 3 sessions to begin.  However, I can work with you in a single first session targeting one specific issue. Please note that you will take life changing realizations and new ways of seeing the world from doing all three sessions. The first session is a two hour inquiry based upon your life experiences from birth until now. The information gathered is a guide into your deepest core issues, all of which we will refer to throughout the length of work we do together. This session is so helpful for your life journey to help you see clearly your patterning, beliefs, repetitive emotions and reactions, and so much more. 

The second session, depending where you are at in your journey,  is a vocally guided journey to meet a spiritual guide who you will get to know and work intimately with in your subsequent sessions, however there is a possibility this session could be a Soul Guidance or Shamanic Counseling session, which will require an extra session. After you have successfully connected and experienced your Spirit Guide, the following sessions will be a deep dive into bringing light into the shadow to integrate into wholeness.

  • 1st Session 2 hour Inquiry
  • 2nd Session Meet your Spiritual Guide (1 hour and 15min session)
  • 3rd Session, Diving into the Shadow to Release and Renew (1hr and 15min session)


  • Relaxation
  • In the moment awareness
  • Deep connection to spirit and your innate wisdom
  • Access to infinite universal knowledge and the guidance you seek
  • Clearer comprehension of the roots of your suffering and patterns
  • A more truthful and mindful experience in relationship to self and others
  • Dissolution of attachments to the stories, mental and emotional afflictions
  • Life long knowledge, forgiveness, peace and happiness

Experiences and teachings that you are opening yourself to receive include, but are not limited to these:

  • Womb, Child and Past Life Regression
  • Energetic Interference and why we are susceptible to such influence
  • Bardo Realm/After Death Remembrance and the importance of conscious dying
  • Ability to converse with the highest selves of loved ones in body and in spirit
  • The wisdom and healing power of Spirit guides, Masters and Source
  • Non-attachment, in the moment awareness, surrender and trust
  • The body temple and the limitless of our eternal being, "I am"



I often receive interest by people who have read books about hypnotherapy such as "Many Lives, Many Masters". Depth Hypnosis is similar to mainstream hypnotherapy in that you can experience womb, child, past life and after death experiences. The difference is from the very first session of our in depth exploration of your story from birth until now, you will directly see your repeating patterns, beliefs, emotions, attachments, aversions, soul losses and power losses. This is always a very deep and eye opening experience for clients.  Then in the second and subsequent sessions as you are guided into your specific emotions and beliefs that bring you to a specific soul story, you can feel the energies within your body that do not serve you, receive esoteric knowledge and guidance around your connection to this energy. Once healed, released, and reclaimed, light and love enter into the stream of consciousness within you. Through this palpable experience you gain in-direct knowledge of the various wisdom spiritual teachings of Shamanism, Yogic Philosophy, Buddhism, Judaism, Christ Consciousness, etc. 


No, in fact it will create greater understanding. I talk to people monthly who are interested in this work, yet are nervous about it, because they fear it will be in conflict of their present spiritual path. I get it. I was once there too. If I can say one thing, it's that there are energies within you that fear change. There are energies within you that desire you to stay in the box of conformity that you presently live in. These are the energies we will challenge, inquire into and transmute so that you can trust your intuition and freely have conversations with Creator. You need no translator. The guidance and knowledge you seek is all within you. My job is to guide you into the well-spring of your wisdom, your knowing.  You will walk away feeling more connected, alive, trusting and surrendered within your experience. I feel confident to say that no matter what chosen path you are on, you will have a greater understanding of the teachings, stories and experiences of the many authors from various spiritual  paths and major religions from around the world have had. 


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"I thoroughly appreciated our session together. I found it both profound, exciting, and rewarding. I have opened up myself to a new space that I didn't know existed."- K.F

"Depth Hypnosis has been such a powerful and transformative tool! I now have new  ownership of my shadows with the knowledge and power to change my relationship to them. Before I met Kari and explored this amazing tool I had many dark secrets, my past was so far repressed yet these stories were causing me suffering. She guided me through those difficult moments so well that I've been able to continuously go back to our sessions and reflect on the learning, wisdom and tangible healing. I have an overwhelming sense of gratitude for Kari and her ability to guide, listen and for the practice itself."~J.M