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Grief Alchemy: A Ceremony and Sweat Lodge for Women

Where: Sacred Earth Foundation

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Grief is a universal human experience, however it can become a devious, precarious entity if not expressed. If you choose to ignore grief, it can haunt you with gnarly talons, manifesting as physical, mental and emotional disturbances. When not expressed it can even hide within the fabric of the familial collective psyche for generations to come.

Unfortunately, our culture has forgotten how to grieve and has learned to suppress this powerful and languid emotion. In contrast, our indigenous elders see that when great loss occurs, we need to be held in sacred circle by community. Our tears, wails and cries must be witnessed until we can fully release the pain of loss, allowing one to come into peace, gratitude and wholeness. 

Have you experienced grief over the loss of a loved one, career, partnership, miscarriage/abortion: an expected or previous way of living that no longer exist? Or have you stuffed your grief for years, knowing that it still lives within you? Please join us in a women’s Grief Ceremony and Sweat Lodge to release deep seated sorrow while being held, heard, witnessed and moved in sacred circle: a vehicle into greater acceptance, gratitude, and lightness of being. This deeply healing experience will culminate into a celebration of joy and gratitude for our past, present and future. 

Our tools for alchemy will be:

  • Community connection and sharing
  • Guided meditation, energy medicine, channeling our intuition, and expressing our creativity with love and honor. 
  • Ceremony with embodied movement and ecstatic dance propelled by live drumming and evocative world music
  • Sacred fire, prayer and sweat Lodge  

You can expect to be nourished and supported through a facilitated journeying of energetic contemplation and embodiment practices. We will release and expand into the deep resources of our being, traversing the planes of individual and collective heart and soul. 


  • Accommodations are camping on land at Sacred Earth, or sleep in communal Teepee with others. 
  • Arrive at 1pm to set up camp. We will begin at 2pm with group gathering of introduction, meditations, group exercises, sacred fire and alter creation. Ceremony will begin at dark and into the night until exhausted. We will meet at 8am to create fire for Sweat Lodge. 
  • We will be fasting from arrival to end of sweat lodge with a celebration and feast of gratitude and joy to wrap up our time together. 


  • Water to drink throughout our time together. Please be very respectful of this, bc Pati is on a well and needs all her water to last throughout the winter. Thank you! 
  • Camping items and headlamp
  • Alter items: 1. Something representative of your love and gratitude for all that is. 2. Something representative of your past and that which you grieve.  Please note these things should hold significance and energy. And this will be burned. It can be something you create and put your heart and soul into, or something you already have. 
  • Sarong or bathing suit to wear for sweat lodge, or you can be naked if you choose. 
  • Food to share for our celebratory feast after the sweat lodge. Be inspired and bring foods that may remind you of your ancestors, your love and gratitude of the deliciousness of life when we come together in heart and spirit.    

I am so excited to share and commune with you. As a Depth Hypnosis Practitioner and Spiritual Counselor specializing in integrative shamanic practices, and a Registered Nurse for 14 years prior to that. I have witnessed and held space for many throughout my professional life in the midst of their pain and loss of loved ones, now my role includes helping others to dissolve the binds that immobilize energy to move forward. Seasoned by my own experiences, I understands how heavy and stifling grief can be; yet when explored and expressed, our grief can be a portal of awakening, transformation and inspiration. 

Cost is $150 for Ceremony and Sweat Lodge. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Truly- kari                                                                                                                                                                           

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