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Heal Yourselves, Heal the World


An 8 week experiential group gathering to inquire, learn, discover and expand into your innate power, confidence and intuitive knowing to heal yourself and the world. 

When we take responsibility to heal our many illusional selves living within us, we heal the world. For the energy we hold within, whether beneficial or compacted, extends and effects those around us, as well as seven generations behind us and seven generations into the future. 

Right now, the earth is percolating in a polarity of energy that is triggering all the old that lives within us. We are being asked to look within and ascend from the binding energies that have held us down collectively and individually. Mother Earth is also calling for us to create community and come together to grow our immense and powerful light. Are you ready to learn, love and marinate in one another's authenticity and wisdom? 

This gathering will be centered around inquiry meditation, primarily Shamanic Journeying, however there will be many types of yogic meditations taught to assist you in various experience. The answers you receive will be from your own internal knowing and we will learn from one another. You will walk away from this 8 week experiential group gathering with:
-Clear picture of your illusional attachments, aversions, recycling of story, emotions and constructs that will be a guiding map throughout your life of how far you've come. 
-Firm understanding of the language of Sprit through Shamanic Journeying and Dreams. 
-Discovery and knowing of the infiniteness of your being and how you are supported by myriads of guides, angels and star beings. 
-An Understanding of ancestral work and how to navigate and dissolve the energies of past stories that have power over you. 
-Confidence and techiques of working with intense restrictive energies without fear. 
- Reclaimed power and divine essence.
-Experiences and skills to marinate in divine energy through kriya, pranayama and meditation. 
-Life long practices that will benefit you in your ascension, dissolving the layers of mis-understanding and opening you up to your truth, wisdom and infinite love, compassion and purpose. 

Where: Seeds of Satya Healing Space
Dates: Every Sunday evening beginning Feb 3rd until May 25th at 6pm-8pm. 

This feels like an auspicious 2 months as the calendar dates are the exact same on Sundays for the months of Feb and March!
4 (Inner wisdom) , 
11 (Spiritual Awakening) 
18 (New Opportunites)
25 (Divine soul mission and Life Purpose)

Cost - $320 for all 8 weeks.

10 participants will be the maximum in the group for the entire 8 week program. If you are unable to make one week that is fine. I can print you out an information sheet of all that we go over with specific shamanic journeys to do to learn the material.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

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