At SEEDS OF SATYA the answers come from that place within you that is experientially undeniable. 

Kari guides you to find what is waiting for you to discover, release and reclaim using a multimodal approach to healing that ignites one's evolution toward PeACE & wholeness.


Shamanic Healing

You relax into the frequency of a taxing emotion that is found within the fabric of your body. I intuitively track into the energetic cringes living within, giving space for you to claim your divine power and essence, transporting you into a new way of seeing and existing within your body and relating to the world. 

Depending on your level of embodiment, we work together to receive and dance in the unseen realms to heal and bring back a greater presence and empowerment of being. Not only is this an exploration of your ancestral multidimensional being, but a healing throughout the tapestry of your many selves.

Depth Hypnosis

You surrender into the cosmic landscape of your body, following your soul memory to wherever is most needed to bring about wholeness. I guide you into a deep trust of your intuition, assisting you into greater spaces of awareness, so that you can let go of what is no longer needed; opening you to receive your truth and power which was once unconsciously scattered to the wind and is now ready to be claimed and utilized.

In our journey together, you may experience womb regression, child or past life regression, last moment of death and movement into the afterlife. All experiences are guaranteed to change your relationship to yourself, your loved ones and everything around you, seen and unseen. 

In the introductory phases of this multi-modal approach you learn a great deal about your attachments, aversions, soul losses, power losses, energetic interferences, and the vast amount of support you have in the unseen realms known as your spirit guides, which are all helpers, spokes of the wheel which make up the One, God, Great Spirit, “I Am” Consciousness. A guiding light for your awakening and ascension process.


Spiritual Counseling

Breaking down our barriers takes courage, vulnerability, dedication and a cultivation of awareness.  Kari not only intuitively guides you into the inner aspects of your being, but she helps you to bring greater insight within the constructs of your human and spiritual experience, providing valuable information and everyday practices that support you on your path.


At Seeds of Satya We offer healing of the mind and body through techniques such as shamanic healing, depth hypnosis, Yoga, Sound Healing and more. We can work together in person in Denver, Co, ASheville, NC Or Remotely anywhere in the World.

are You looking to heal from within?

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Seeds of Satya (Truth): Sound Healing

Sound Healing

Sound is the essence of creation and creator. Kari incorporates high-vibrational sound healing in different ways throughout one's healing session using voice, medicine drums, wind drums, earth gong, tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, bells and rattles.  All helps your body and mind to release further states of stagnant energy, receive guidance, and call in new energetic light codes and blue prints for soul growth.  Clients find that they are transported into an entirely new dimension of spaciousness, release and arrival into healing, peace, acceptance and creativity.



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Seeds of Satya (Truth): Meditation, Buddha


We are all meditating, but what we are meditating on makes all the difference in the world.  In your work at Seeds of Satya, we cultivate awareness of your highest truths, calling back in your divine essence, power and increasing your energetic vibration, however the work does not stop here. There are many rungs to climb, many mind constructs to overcome and realizations to be had, thus creating a meditation practice at home is essential for your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being and balance.  




Seeds of Satya: Heal in Nature, Rites of Passage, Sound Healing, Meditation, Shamanic Healing

Heal In Nature

Mother nature is a mirror of our inherent being. SEEDS OF SATYA mission is to help you expand into conscious relationship with yourself and everything around you.  There's no better place than to do this than within the beauty and powerful healing energy of the natural phenomena. It's what I like to call "Earthing into Truth".  If you are interested in individual sessions in nature, please reach out.

I have various special locations I work from in CO  and throughout the year in NC for private sessions. I am also happy to travel to you if there is a location near Denver/Golden area that you feel called to work in. 

Workshops and Retreats

I have various group workshops and retreats throughout the year and will be adding more as time goes by. Please sign up for my newsletter to keep up to date, as I’d love to have you in circle! Please See Event listings.



I work with all ages of clients. As a mentor I serve to help each client open up to their potential and fullness of all that they are, guiding them to discover their uniqueness, remember their gifts, and trust their intuition. Each person is unique in what they need from me as a mentor. Some are very young and are just needing someone they can confide in while learning new ways of relating and communicating. Others desire to discover more about energy work and their unique style of healing. If interested, please send an email in request.

Rites of Passage & Ceremony

Are you or someone you know in the midst of a big change? Lets plan a special moment for you and your loved ones that honors where you have been and where you are going. Please send me an email of request!

House/Land Blessings & Extractions

Homes and Land can come with a lot of unwanted dense energies. Are you ready to work with me to lovingly create and call in a harmonic vibration while learning from your experience? Please send an email to request!


I can’t begin to describe how a single session with Kari helped me! Kari is a kind, compassionate, non-judgmental gifted healer. We worked through both current and past issues and dissolved negative thought patterns. Her intuitive abilities helped identify areas of blockages and her gift of healing helped to remove them. I can’t recommend Kari enough!
— Beth E. | Denver, CO
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Upcoming Workshops

“I found my class with Kari profound, exciting and rewarding. I was able to open myself to a new space that I didn’t know existed! Come with an open mind and heart, and leave the fears at the door. Kari is a fantastic teacher and guide.”
— Katie F. | Denver, CO