Is Depth Hypnosis medically approved?

Yes. The American Medical Association and the American Psychiatric Association have approved traditional hypnotherapy for use by professionally responsible individuals since 1950. Depth Hypnosis which was developed by Isa Gucciardia, Ph.D draws of the methods of:

  • Hypnotherapy/Regression therapy

  • Transpersonal Psychology

  • Buddhism

  • Shamanism

  • Energy Medicine

In 2017 Depth Hypnosis went through extensive research studies to measure its efficacy and found that it was expedient and with significant decreases in depression, anxiety, PTSD-related symptoms, creating a greater sense of well-being and increased quality of life.

How is Depth Hypnosis different from mainstream hypnotherapy? 

I often receive interest by people who have read books about hypnotherapy such as "Many Lives, Many Masters". Depth Hypnosis is similar to mainstream hypnotherapy in that you can experience womb, child, past life and after death experiences. The difference is from the very first session of our in depth exploration of your story from birth until now, you will directly see your repeating patterns, beliefs, emotions, attachments, aversions, soul losses and power losses. This is always a very deep and eye opening experience for clients. Then in the second session you directly feel that you are not alone and a part of something much larger than your singularity. In subsequent sessions you are guided into inquiry based meditations that are based off of your specific emotions and beliefs that bring you to a specific soul story, where you can feel the energies within your body that do not serve you, receive esoteric knowledge and guidance around your connection to these energies, bringing in compassion and forgiveness for self and other. With this opening, love enters into the stream of consciousness drawing back your divine essence and power that was once lost during trauma and suffering. Through this palpable experience you gain in-direct knowledge and wisdom that is common in the universal spiritual teachings of all paths, helping relieve attachments and aversions to the personal story of suffering. 

Will this work conflict with my present chosen spiritual path?

No, in fact it will create greater understanding.  Although Depth Hypnosis is drawn from Buddhist and Shamanic principles, they apply and relevant to all spiritual teachings. I talk to people monthly who are interested in this work, yet are nervous about it, because they fear it will be in conflict of their present spiritual path. I get it. I was once there too. If I can say one thing, it's that there are energies within you that fear change. There are energies within you that desire you to stay in the box of conformity that you presently live in. These are energies that may be challenged, inquired into and transmuted so that you can trust your intuition, emptying your cup so that you can freely have conversations with Creator. You need no translator. The guidance and knowledge you seek is all within you. My job is to guide you into the well-spring of your wisdom, your knowing.  You will walk away feeling more connected, alive, trusting and surrendered within your human spiritual experience. I feel confident to say that no matter what chosen path you are on, you will have a greater understanding of the teachings, stories and experiences of the many authors from various spiritual paths and major religions from around the world have had. 

What will I feel? 

In Depth Hypnosis you are guided into a state of relaxation through a guided meditation. At first you will feel heaviness in parts of your body or all of your body. We follow these feelings into the store house of subconscious memory, where we are able to see the correlation between your body and mind. Sinking deeper into the layers of body-mind based energy, you sink into an altered awareness where the subconscious mind is more open and receptive to connect with your highest knowing so your mind and body can be re-set to bring about a state of well-being, accepting a new reality and new way of being. 

What is Shamanic Lightwork? 

Shamanic Lightwork achieves the same goal as Depth Hypnosis however the difference is in Shamanic Lightwork all you have to do is sink into the feeling when asked, so Kari can intuitively track into your cosmic blueprint to see what is most needed to bring back a state of well-being. In Depth Hypnosis you are more actively involved in the intuitive process.  

Shamanic Lightwork is very useful in people who are numb and disconnected to their body, allowing them to draw back more presence and power so that they can eventually move into the Depth Hypnosis work. However, many clients who are very adept at Depth Hypnosis enjoy the Shamanic Lightwork and choose it over Depth Hypnosis. It is really a matter of preference. Both are powerful and healing. 

What is the difference between the conscious and subconscious mind?

The conscious mind stores your logic and reason, will and determination, as well as a few recent memories. The subconscious mind is incredibly powerful, storing habits and patterns, fears, emotions, creativity, visualizations, body mechanics, and the memory bank of the individual and ancestral experience. Therefore, when you can change on a subconscious level, it is very effective. Both Depth Hypnosis and Shamanic Lightwork changes your subconscious mind by connecting it to your subtle mind, where your highest truth exist. In experiencing this subtle existence there is complete neutrality where you are no longer controlled by old experiences of suffering and misunderstanding. 

Will I be aware of everything happening?

Yes, you are aware of everything. Many fear that they will not remember and will be susceptible to hypnotic suggestion. The suggestion you receive in Depth Hypnosis comes from only your highest divine self that has its best intention, which in mainstream hypnotherapy suggestions are given by the hypnotherapist.   

Do I have to remember things from my past in order to recover from my problem?

Not necessarily, however you must learn to surrender into the feeling to help rewind the energetic cringes within the body and mind. Your repetitious feelings continue to support your subconscious beliefs that were carved from events of the past. Learning from your past story cultivates a deep wisdom that moves you into your truth and authentic vibrancy. 

Will I remember everything afterwards?

Generally most people remember, however there may be parts you do not because as we begin to work with layers you are continually moving into a greater spaciousness that produces changes in your behavior, your way of thinking, and feeling. It can be very euphoric where the mind becomes completely still. 

Are there any side effects from Depth Hypnosis or Shamanic Lightwork? 

The only side effects are the beneficial ones. You will relax into a natural state, with only positive side effects. Old memories can surface, but whatever negative emotions or experiences occur, this is a purging of the mind so you can let go and heal. There are layers of stories living inside of us, our goal is to learn how to become the witness to all that is living within us, but before we can achieve that it often takes an inquiry, a deep understanding in order to heal those places that are bubbling up from within. 

Can I be drawn into anything against my will?

No, our work together is a cooperation between two people, and the client needs to want the desired outcome. If you are skeptical, studies have shown that the success rate between people who believe in hypnosis and energy work compared to people who do not believe in such healing is only separated by a 3% difference. Therefore, even if you believe it will not work in your favor, odds are it will. 

Can anyone do Depth Hypnosis and Shamanic Journeying? 

If you can dream, then yes.  Unless there is some sort of brain damage, it could create difficulty. There can be disturbances in energy, such as deep seated fear and numbness that makes it difficult to sink in, however this is where the Shamanic Lightwork would come in to help bring about equilibrium so they can eventually connect with their own intuition and universal wisdom. As for Depth Hypnosis, the depth of trance varies by person. People get as good of results with a light trance as they do with a deep trance.

Are the results with Depth Hypnosis and Shamanic Lightwork permanent? 

YES, however there are layers living within you. Your healing process can be compared to that of an onion. You will feel better after your session, but in a few weeks or months you will eventually notice that you are triggered again, however it feels different than before. With each layer you peel, you become lighter, less triggered, more in your body and present in the experience without being reactionary. You are able to stand strong and powerful, no longer in the negative mind but in the neutral awareness. Your spiritual evolution is a journey and does not stop with one session, or with one person. Your journey is within you, so follow your intuition and create a reverent place at home to connect and heal. 

How many hypnosis sessions will it take to reach my goal?

The length of our work depends on the issue, and it depends on the client. Most parents see drastic differences with children within only 1 session,  as they are incredibly perceptive to the work. For Teens I recommend the 3 Intro Sessions to Depth Hypnosis and learning Shamanic Journeying. Grief clients can be significantly helped within one session, but sometimes return with a different layer of grief later on. Clients with Chronic Illness, PTSD, OCD, Depression, Self harmers feel significantly better within 1 session, however need maintenance sessions of both Shamanic Lightwork and Depth Hypnosis, and are highly encouraged to learn Shamanic Journeying, Meditation and Breath work, keeping a continued regular practice.

Clients who have had years of psychotherapy, say that they have learned and made greater strides in there healing with their work at Seeds of Satya, than anything they have ever done. Feel free to schedule a free consultation with Kari if you have inquiries about your specific issues. 

I do not live in CO or NC or the United States. Do you work remotely? 

Great, I work remotely with people all over the US, Europe, Australia, South America and Mexico. Working over the phone or Skype is just as effective and powerful as in person. 

Does insurance cover hypnotherapy?

Insurance does NOT typically cover the cost of hypnotherapy, nor do I accept insurance billing at this time. But, I am happy to give you a receipt that you can turn in and see if they will reimburse you.

Does my Health Savings Account (H.S.A.) cover hypnotherapy?

Yes, typically H.S.A. accounts do cover hypnotherapy.  Check with your human resource department prior to your session to be sure. Special invoices are provided upon request.

What methods of payment do you accept? 

If you schedule with me over the phone, I accept cash, check or paypal for same day payment. However you can pay by credit card by booking on the website. 

What is your cancellation policy? 

Sessions cancelled less than 48 hours before the scheduled time and not rescheduled in the same calendar week, will be billed $60. 

Your rates are higher than what I can afford presently, do you take sliding scale? 

Yes, Sliding Scale is lovingly available for financial hardship*

If you are committed to rising above your story and really making change in your physical, mental, emotional realms, but cannot afford the rates I have listed, I offer a sliding scale for 3 clients every 3 months for those who cannot afford my rates. Please note that this offering is not possible unless I have higher paying clients as well, so I do appreciate the honesty of each client. 

If you are interested in this work and are requesting a Sliding Scale, please go to BOOK ME and click on the Sliding Scale for checkout. There you will find a form to fill out with the following info... 

  • Name, phone number, address and email

  • Age, profession, hobbies, interest, aspirations and goals.

  • How many hours a week do you work? What is your annual income?

  • Are you married/single? Do you have children?

  • What interest you most in the work at Seeds of Satya and how do you feel it will help you?

  • Have you tried traditional or other holistic therapies before? Did it help and if so, how?

  • What is it you wish to overcome and heal?

  • Please include anything else you would like to share.

Once received, I will get back to you about when my next slot is open for sliding scale clients and we will get you in the books as soon as possible.  We will meet the day of your appointment to discuss the price that best fits your allowable living expenses. If your price point is less than average, then we can discuss possible trades on top of the donation amount you can pay that would be helpful. Don't feel swayed from this work if you are truly called to it. I am here to be of service, provided you are dedicated to rising above your circumstance.

Please know that I do expect the pay scale we agree upon the day of our scheduled appointment unless we’ve discussed something different prior to our meeting. 

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