Cashew Butter Veggie Quinoa Spread

Cashew Butter is yummy in itself. Place it on kale leaves with fresh red pepper, cucumber, and mango too. Such a delicious summer treat. However if you want to get fancy and try something new, keep reading. 

Cashew Butter.JPG

Cashew Butter Ingredients:

To make cashew butter, soak two handfuls of cashews in water that covers the nuts. You can add a date or not. But a few garlic cloves are in need with a few pinches of salt. Let soak overnight. Then blend in vitamix. As for date in butter, I like if eating on kale leaves as mentioned above. 

Cashew Butter Veggie Quinoa:
Cashew Butter
Cooked Quinoa
Sundried Tomato

Dice Broccolini and Celery. Mix veggies with mustard and cashew butter. Sauté onion and sundried tomatoes together, then mix with quinoa. You can keep the butter and quinoa mix separate or combine together. It really doesn't matter. I actually prefer to mix because in the long run its less I have to deal with in making the sandwiches. 

When making a sandwich or wrap I add sprouts, lettuce, tomato, and sometimes cucumber. Or just add the cashew spread to a salad. ENJOY!