Easy Chunky Protein Granola

Cereal will never be as yummy in a box as it is straight from the oven. I have been making granola for years, but nothing compares to the newest chunky batches I've been making. As soon as its gone my little ladies are begging for more. It's delicious with milk, yogurt or straight out of the hand. The creative options are endless. 

Brown Rice Crisp Cereal
Nut Butter of your choice
Maple Syrup or Honey
(Add your choice of fruit, nuts, seeds and spices)

Press in a pan greased with coconut oil. Place in oven on coolest temperature and pull out when brown. Break up in pieces. 

If you feel up to it, sprouting buckwheat is a great addition and a bonus for the palate and nutritionally. 

Images to come soon!