Rite of Passage work empowers an individual within the liminal states of life such as childhood and puberty, adolescence and adulthood, conception and parenthood, marriage and divorce, "wellness" and "illness", mid-life, menopause, elder-hood and death. These transitional states of consciousness- the death of one period and the birthing into another- when engaged with intention in creating a positive experience, redefines the initiates capabilities, relationship and identity with self,  family, community and the mystery of life. For the initiate it is a powerful transitional period in time when the soul is called to release attachments, aversions, and fears: releasing our old identity so that one can surrender into the mystery of life with confidence and trust of the unknown. Through ceremony and contemplation of one's power, beauty and gifts, a Rite of Passage empowers the individual to move confidently through life's changes, creating more trust, clarity and essence of  being so they can return to their community renewed and awakened within, bringing benefit to all. 


  • Co-CREATED CEREMONY:  Honoring various life stages- puberty, graduation, partnership, parenting/new birth, mid-life, ill-ness and wellness, identity shifts, elder-hood/menopause and death.  Please contact to create something beautiful for you or your loved ones. 
  • EARTH INTO TRUTH, A GIRLS RITE OF PASSAGE PROGRAM:  For 9th-12th grade girls. This is a summer outdoor initiation program that meets once a month, May- September, in various wilderness areas in CO to explore the beauty and connection within self, nature and one another. 


Earth Into Truth guides High School age girls through an experiential exploration to discover their unique and personal gifts. Programming not only promotes the inner resources necessary to meet the challenges that test character, but is an invitation to work with the deepest part of self, nature and others. 

Activities facilitate inquiry, exploration, awareness and artistic expression of the inner and outer landscapes of self and nature through story, song, dance, ceremony, individual/group exploration, and various indigenous rites of passage activities taken from Native Tribes around the world with sweat lodge and vision quest at the end of the program. 

The Mission is to instill a playful wonder and exploration that permeates the heart, awakening imagination, enlivening thinking and incentive to enhance a strong will, giving birth to intuition and a deep inner knowing of our innate connection with everything. Positive experiences guide participants to discover the balance, beauty, magic and inspiration that is always available to us, within and without, despite our ever changing lives, challenges and growing responsibilities.

The Purpose of the Earth Into Truth initiatory experience is to help prepare the participant for life's transition, arriving as a more fully rounded and confident human being, rooted and stronger in character, wisdom, knowledge and life purpose.   Through adventurous and creative experiences participants emerge with a new and empowering story that informs their decision making process and helps navigate their future. 

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WHY DO YOU WANT THIS EXPERIENCE FOR YOUR DAUGHTER? You may already be aware, but your daughter is going through one of the most difficult transitions of her lifetime.  As she grows into her womanhood, her choices, experiences and her beliefs in herself and others will effect her in very positive or negative ways. You can tell her your stories hoping she'll learn. You can tell her "You are so beautiful, powerful and wise", but she will not believe it until she has her own teaching moments that formulate a knowing within herself. This is what a Rite of Passage does.  It is a positive experience that is created to allow her to intimately connect with her beauty, power and wisdom. She will draw upon the knowledge she receives from her Rite of Passage experience for the rest of her life, learning...

  • Conscious Communication
  • Sacred Intimacy (the importance of discovering her own beauty, before she shares it with another)
  • Self Acceptance
  • Her beauty,  uniqueness and gifts she has to offer her community
  • Ways to access her Wisdom 
  • How fragile yet Powerful she is
  • Trust in All that Shows up
  • Connection and The Web of Life
  • A New and Powerful Way of being

WHY DO YOU WANT THIS FOR YOURSELF and FOR YOUR FAMILY? Let's be honest, adolescent teen years are not an easy walk for child or parents. This program will help you remember what it was like to be her age, what parts of your past child need healing and learn tools to mend that child of the past so that you can come into your divine child. It will help you begin to see the patterning of stories within your family and how you can both begin to see differently. The programming allows for the parent and the initiate to come together in a new way with more trust and compassion. Allowing both to be seen, heard and appreciated. 

After the Vision Quest, initiates and parents will form a family covenant of privileges and responsibilities. This acknowledges and celebrates her new identity that is emerging, and with this new  way of being comes commitments and responsibilities, making trust and communication in future circumstances much easier. 

Please visit back soon and read: The Importance of a Rite of Passage

Dates, Locations and Detailed Activity List can be found on Events Page

Native American Indigenous Rite of Passage activities include Moon Lodge, Labyrinth Walk, Earth Burial, Fire Walking, Sweat Lodge and Vision Quest. Various Ceremonies, Shamanic Journeying, Story/Song, Nature Mandala, Mask Painting, Mala Making, and a 4 day backpacking trips are an integral part of the program as well, plus a parent workshop and celebration that connects and bonds the initiate and parent in newness. 

Weekends are in Forested Wilderness areas. 

PARTICIPATION, MENTORS, and VOLUNTEERS: There will be a minimum of 6 girls for the program to take place and a maximum of 9 initiates. There will be two full time mentors and a rotating group of women volunteers of varying ages who will join the group throughout the program to allow the initiates to be around an array of inspirational women to share their story, wisdom and beauty. Please contact me if you are interested in volunteering for a day or for a weekend with dates you prefer. 

HOME REQUIREMENTS: There will be assignments that are asked of the girls to complete. These include but are not limited to the following: create/learn a prayer or song, reading a recommended inspirational spiritual book, create a special sacred place at home (an alter), meditate every morning for 5-10 minutes, create a headpiece, and there will be diet (salt and sugar) restrictions leading up to the Vision Quest if applicable to initiates health status. 

ITEMS NEEDED: Journal and pen, a small day pack, backpack, rain cover for backpack, headlamp, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, backpacking tent, stuff sack for food, bug spray, sunscreen, rain suit, warm jacket (down is preferable for packing light), sun hat, warm winter hat, lighter, matches, small knife, whistle and dry towel. Optional- UV water filtration (advised but can be shared).

If there are any financial concerns around equipment needs, please reach out and we can assist in finding items that you can borrow for the length of the program. 

TRANSPORTATION: Unfortunately we do not have access to a van and rental is extremely expensive, thus parents are responsible for transportation. With permission of parent, girls can carpool with mentors and/or other families.  Locations chosen for many of the weekends are in close proximity to Denver/Golden. However, the longest drives consist of an hour and half drive from Denver for the backpacking trip, and 2 hour drive from Denver to Sacred Earth Foundation

COST:  $1500-  Cost includes healthy organic vegetarian meals that the girls will prepare. Meals include for the 2 day weekends- dinner for the 1st night, and breakfast/ lunch the following day.  Lunch for the 1st day of the 2 day weekends are to be brought by girls, as well as snacks. All meals are provided for the backpacking trip, however favored energetic snacks are to be brought by participant. Mothers are asked to bring daughters favorite foods for the feast following the 2.5 day fasting vision quest. 

EARTH INTO TRUTH REGISTRATION INFO: To reserve a spot for your daughter please contact Kari with Registration Documents completed.  Payment plans are available at request with approval and signed contract.  

Completed Registration Documents can be emailed to kari@seedsofsatya.com. Please call if you have any questions. 

"We have all went through numerous Rites of Passage, and many were called the School of Hard Knocks. I feel incredibly fortunate to have gone through my first Indigenous Rites of Passage experience as an adult and mother, however I can only imagine how empowering, informative and life changing this experience would have been for me as a young girl entering into the life lessons of adulthood. There is no doubt that I will do all I can to create an experience such as this for my daughters when the time comes. As for Earth Into Truth, I am excited and thrilled for an opportunity to be the mentor for young girls embarking into womanhood, and guide them through an experiential journey of finding their immense beauty, power, wisdom and connection to everything."  Truly,  Kari