Shamanic Yoga Circle

January- June 2019


Shamanism is the foundation of yoga, as well as all other spiritual paths. While the definition of Yoga is the action of uniting the mind, body and spirit, there are many components to yoga. Shamanic techniques help you to trust your intuition and the innate connection with the seen and unseen, simultaneously bringing understanding to the shadow unconscious self that delves into the root of traumas to find healing on physical and emotional levels, creating space to merge and be in union with your radiance, your higher self, your sovereign creator self.

This will be a 3.5 hour a month meet up, that last for 6 months on the full moons of each month, contained within an intimate circle of exploration, where we will Shamanic Journey, as well as varying meditations using sound, toning and breath, combined with interactive energy practices from around the world. All opening one into greater states of trust and intuition, where we will all be learning from our individual and collective wisdom.

What is shamanic Journeying?

Shamanic Journeying is an inquiry based meditation. It is an ancient and experiential method of receiving personal guidance, empowerment, and healing by accessing the threshold state of consciousness. We will be using a medicine drum to help the group relax the body and mind through a hypnotic repetitive and rhythmic beat so the guidance you seek can be easily accessed.

By relaxing into a peaceful state of mind and body through sound, you will learn to journey into upper and lower non-ordinary realities, and experience incredible insight, knowledge, and transformation. 


shamanic journeying has been such an incredible source of healing for me in my dance with unexplainable anxiety and Lyme’s disease. Receiving countless amazing insights and energetic healing’s in my very own home that would leave physicians and loved ones speechless. I didn’t have to pay anyone, or seek anything outside of myself. It has been the foundation in which I’ve learned how to help others, trusting my intuitive guidance and a knowing that we are so incredibly held and supported in this vast cosmic orchestra of life.

Are you ready to learn from your wisdom, sharing unique heart opening experiences with other like minded beings who are living into their true nature?


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Shamanic Journeying is an inquiry meditation

that connects you with your intuition,

learning the rich symbolic language

of Spirit that taps you into

your innate ability to heal,

accessing your wisdom and knowledge.




• 6 month exploration beginning in Jan of 2019, 2.5 hours each meet up from 6pm-8:30pm on the full moon.

Sunday- January 20th, Tuesday-February 19th, Wednesday -March 20th, Friday- April 19th , Friday-May 17th, Monday- June 17th

• We will meet at Seeds of Satya healing space and then move into outdoor forested areas as weather warms.

• We will explore and play with group energy techniques and various types of meditation that help you to cultivate a deep relationship with your inner seer, healer and warrior.

• You will learn Shamanic Journeying and explore specific inquiry questions that are relevant to your own personal healing, yet participating and learning from the collective wisdom of the group.


Review sheets after the Intro class will be sent to your email the following day. With downloads to drumming music to use at home. 




For those who are interested, there is an opportunity for you to create your own drum for an extra charge, depending on size and type of drum you wish to create.

This will be an added weekend, full day workshop in nature. ($150-$350)

What will you receive from this experience:

Lifelong practices that will nourish your growth, understanding, intuition and expansion as an eternal being. All leading you to trust your wisdom, truth and unique gifts you bring to the world.

What to bring: 

Water, Yoga mat and/or blanket, small pillow and eye mask if preferred, journal and pen. Please eat a healthy meal prior to class. Bring nuts or protein source if preferred, to eat after each journey. 


What’s Unique about this:

This will be an intimate group so we can get to know one another and really accelerate healing and awareness in this container that feels safe, allowing vulnerability, and your uniqueness to shine and be known.

Seeds of Satya will be holding New Moon Circles for the public every month for $15. that participants are welcome to join, however the Shamanic Yoga circle will be completely different and unique in that we will really get to know one another and go deep into what’s needed to support you in your journey.


Payment is due to reserve your space in the circle. IF Cancellation is needed, payment can be used toward any private or group offerings at Seeds of Satya. 



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