Seeds of Satya's Specialty...

is intuitively guiding you to relax into your true nature so the answers and transformation you seek are most easily accessible, cultivated and brought to life. 

What will you experience and receive at Seeds of Satya? 

  • A lighter expanded state of awareness, with new insights and coping skills

  • A new spacious freedom from limiting unconscious beliefs and mindsets that have created imbalance

  • A set of new and awakened eyes in which to see the world, your experience, interrelations and your true eternal self

  • A harmonic mind, body and spirit, where suddenly life feels and becomes less complex

  • A deep knowing and trust in the interconnected nature of the seen and unseen realms

  • An inner inspiration that lights your path into a new way of being and into a new story

Experience spiritual growth unlike ever before with the assistance of a qualified Spiritual Healer in Denver, Co & Asheville, NC or work with us remotely anywhere in the world!

Who are the Clients at Seeds of Satya? 

Clients are of all ages, ethnicities, sexual orientation, belief systems and experiences. They are seeking a better way, spiritually seeking and growing. Some are within clutches of personal suffering and are seeking shifts in perspective and freedom from the imbalances of life. Others are just curious, knowing that there is something to be known and experienced through this work. All are warriors ready to understand their spiritual truth and grow from their human experience.

Many have tried multiple modalities and psychotherapy with no luck.  Some are afraid due to religious beliefs, but step out of the box of fear. Regardless, all are ready for a shift and find that within their first session they have learned more about themselves, their patterns, conditioning and their essential nature than they did within many years of self-help explorations. 

Whether it be spiritual growth, trauma, dis-ease, chronic illness, life transitions, grief, relationship issues, self- acceptance, addiction, or anxiety; Seeds of Satya clients desire to experience transformation and expansion from the inside out, germinating freedom of movement into their fullest expression of their true nature. They are ready to embrace the mystery of life and the vibrancy they know is possible and inherent within them.




Kari is one of the most kind, loving and intuitive women I have worked with in my lifetime. She is truly a gifted healer. Everything she brings to her sessions and offers her clients comes from the heart. Her passion for helping others as well as her loving energy create such a safe environment while doing this intense and personal work. I have worked with her in person and remotely and both were equally rewarding. I am forever grateful.”
— Dixie N. | Portland, OR