The Uncomfortable Stretches of Awakening

As you awaken the world around may seem to remain asleep. Yet, your presence, your process into a greater expansion of being is not only your awakening, but a calling for those around you to awaken. The one's who knew you before your transformation have a hard time accepting the new you, and many fall away from your periphery of view.  When you step into your power and authenticity, it becomes a sore spot, a reminder that perhaps they too need to make changes. Your awakening touches wounded places within the ones who have known you that stirs ancient held beliefs, fears, jealousy, stifled creativity and power struggles that have minimized their movement into greater freedom. The thought of, "Who are you? I've known you since... You are not that". 

Whatever your experience, whatever their experience, you will find resistance that arises in relationship and your change. The push and pull exists to make you stronger, more compassionate, to have more tolerance.  It's a process of balance and recalibration, to allow the old to fall away and the truth of you to usher more fully into your being. 

At times you will take it personally. Your ego will be hurt. Your wounds will be triggered. You will feel alone. Each and every wounded part of you will be activated so that the heartbeat of truth can seep into every crevice within you. A call to cleanse and claim all the fragmented parts of your energy field that you can finally now love and fully embrace. A knowledge that there is no turning back. Nor would you ever want to because this incredible magic, aliveness and connectedness is so fucking delicious and beautiful. There is no possible way you could ever imagine returning to the realms of duality that once existed within you. For you are destined to live your truth, and live out that which Great Spirit desires to move through you. Knowing that which you are now, will naturally magnetize greater truth, joy and freedom, allowing more of the universe to birth through you with pure awareness. 


Kari Rivers