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Many clients and others have been asking for this and I'm presently trying to figure out a rhythm of dates. If you are interested in participating please send me an email and I'll send you information as soon as I have it.

The circle will be a progression from beginner to an in depth exploration. We will meet indoors and outdoors, on new moons and full moons, and in between. 

Stay Tuned!!! 

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to Sep 16


This is our second annual women's grief ceremony and Sweat Lodge. It was so beautiful and cleansing for all there. We had a large group of women who came from various places in the United States to share their story and grieve. Check back in a few days as I'll have more info on site. 

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to Mar 25

Heal Yourselves, Heal the World


An 8 week experiential group gathering to inquire, learn, discover and expand into your innate power, confidence and intuitive knowing to heal yourself and the world. 

When we take responsibility to heal our many illusional selves living within us, we heal the world. For the energy we hold within, whether beneficial or compacted, extends and effects those around us, as well as seven generations behind us and seven generations into the future. 

Right now, the earth is percolating in a polarity of energy that is triggering all the old that lives within us. We are being asked to look within and ascend from the binding energies that have held us down collectively and individually. Mother Earth is also calling for us to create community and come together to grow our immense and powerful light. Are you ready to learn, love and marinate in one another's authenticity and wisdom? 

This gathering will be centered around inquiry meditation, primarily Shamanic Journeying, however there will be many types of yogic meditations taught to assist you in various experience. The answers you receive will be from your own internal knowing and we will learn from one another. You will walk away from this 8 week experiential group gathering with:
-Clear picture of your illusional attachments, aversions, recycling of story, emotions and constructs that will be a guiding map throughout your life of how far you've come. 
-Firm understanding of the language of Sprit through Shamanic Journeying and Dreams. 
-Discovery and knowing of the infiniteness of your being and how you are supported by myriads of guides, angels and star beings. 
-An Understanding of ancestral work and how to navigate and dissolve the energies of past stories that have power over you. 
-Confidence and techiques of working with intense restrictive energies without fear. 
- Reclaimed power and divine essence.
-Experiences and skills to marinate in divine energy through kriya, pranayama and meditation. 
-Life long practices that will benefit you in your ascension, dissolving the layers of mis-understanding and opening you up to your truth, wisdom and infinite love, compassion and purpose. 

Where: Seeds of Satya Healing Space
Dates: Every Sunday evening beginning Feb 3rd until May 25th at 6pm-8pm. 

This feels like an auspicious 2 months as the calendar dates are the exact same on Sundays for the months of Feb and March!
4 (Inner wisdom) , 
11 (Spiritual Awakening) 
18 (New Opportunites)
25 (Divine soul mission and Life Purpose)

Cost - $320 for all 8 weeks.

10 participants will be the maximum in the group for the entire 8 week program. If you are unable to make one week that is fine. I can print you out an information sheet of all that we go over with specific shamanic journeys to do to learn the material.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

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to Sep 24

Grief Alchemy: A Ceremony and Sweat Lodge for Women

Where: Sacred Earth Foundation

RSVP: or reserve your spot here

Grief is a universal human experience, however it can become a devious, precarious entity if not expressed. If you choose to ignore grief, it can haunt you with gnarly talons, manifesting as physical, mental and emotional disturbances. When not expressed it can even hide within the fabric of the familial collective psyche for generations to come.

Unfortunately, our culture has forgotten how to grieve and has learned to suppress this powerful and languid emotion. In contrast, our indigenous elders see that when great loss occurs, we need to be held in sacred circle by community. Our tears, wails and cries must be witnessed until we can fully release the pain of loss, allowing one to come into peace, gratitude and wholeness. 

Have you experienced grief over the loss of a loved one, career, partnership, miscarriage/abortion: an expected or previous way of living that no longer exist? Or have you stuffed your grief for years, knowing that it still lives within you? Please join us in a women’s Grief Ceremony and Sweat Lodge to release deep seated sorrow while being held, heard, witnessed and moved in sacred circle: a vehicle into greater acceptance, gratitude, and lightness of being. This deeply healing experience will culminate into a celebration of joy and gratitude for our past, present and future. 

Our tools for alchemy will be:

  • Community connection and sharing
  • Guided meditation, energy medicine, channeling our intuition, and expressing our creativity with love and honor. 
  • Ceremony with embodied movement and ecstatic dance propelled by live drumming and evocative world music
  • Sacred fire, prayer and sweat Lodge  

You can expect to be nourished and supported through a facilitated journeying of energetic contemplation and embodiment practices. We will release and expand into the deep resources of our being, traversing the planes of individual and collective heart and soul. 


  • Accommodations are camping on land at Sacred Earth, or sleep in communal Teepee with others. 
  • Arrive at 1pm to set up camp. We will begin at 2pm with group gathering of introduction, meditations, group exercises, sacred fire and alter creation. Ceremony will begin at dark and into the night until exhausted. We will meet at 8am to create fire for Sweat Lodge. 
  • We will be fasting from arrival to end of sweat lodge with a celebration and feast of gratitude and joy to wrap up our time together. 


  • Water to drink throughout our time together. Please be very respectful of this, bc Pati is on a well and needs all her water to last throughout the winter. Thank you! 
  • Camping items and headlamp
  • Alter items: 1. Something representative of your love and gratitude for all that is. 2. Something representative of your past and that which you grieve.  Please note these things should hold significance and energy. And this will be burned. It can be something you create and put your heart and soul into, or something you already have. 
  • Sarong or bathing suit to wear for sweat lodge, or you can be naked if you choose. 
  • Food to share for our celebratory feast after the sweat lodge. Be inspired and bring foods that may remind you of your ancestors, your love and gratitude of the deliciousness of life when we come together in heart and spirit.    

I am so excited to share and commune with you. As a Depth Hypnosis Practitioner and Spiritual Counselor specializing in integrative shamanic practices, and a Registered Nurse for 14 years prior to that. I have witnessed and held space for many throughout my professional life in the midst of their pain and loss of loved ones, now my role includes helping others to dissolve the binds that immobilize energy to move forward. Seasoned by my own experiences, I understands how heavy and stifling grief can be; yet when explored and expressed, our grief can be a portal of awakening, transformation and inspiration. 

Cost is $150 for Ceremony and Sweat Lodge. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Truly- kari                                                                                                                                                                           

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to Sep 9


Celebration and Ceremony with Family                                                            

Location will be Roost Farms for our last circle.

The initiates will meet for an evening of dinner and fire side chat to conclude the program. This will be a  relaxing and fun last night together. Saturday morning they will create a "My light" nature painting and a "Guiding Personal Statement".  Families will join on Saturday afternoon to hear stories and formalize a "New Family Covenant". There will be food and celebration of the initiates to follow. 

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to Sep 3


 Birthing Into Newness (Vision Quest)

 Location is once again at the beautiful Sacred Earth in Florissant, CO.                          

Activities include Sacred Fired, Ceremony and Sweat Lodge followed by a 2 day/1 night Solo Vision Quest. There will be a Feast to follow on Sunday with mothers and grandmothers for the "Council of Elders". 

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to Aug 13


This week will be all about the beauty and importance of practicing Surender, Patience and Mindfulness as we sit in the threshold of newness. 

In the Womb

We will travel and meet up at Sacred Earth in Florissant, CO. 

Activities include Body Painting, Moon Lodge, Hiking, Earth Burial, Creative Movement, Labyrinth Walk, over night Fire Ceremony and Fire Walking.

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to Jul 31


I AM Strong, Powerful and Beautiful (I AM One with everything)                  

We will meet at Long Lake Trailhead in Indian Peaks Wilderness Area for a 4 day backpacking trip. This will be a challenging experience at times preparing them for the weeks to follow. The trail will lead near creeks, through beautiful forest, to a series of lakes including the beautiful Crater Lake, scree, and over a beautiful but challenging pass.

Activities include an Exploration of Energy and Sacred Intimacy, Cocoa Ceremony and Mala making. 

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to Jun 18


Program for weekend centers around the Theme of Trust and Conscious Communication.

All that I Hear, See and Feel

We will meet at Lost Creek Wilderness in Pike National Forest. 

Activities include "vocalizing my truth", "My Song", Trust games, Night Hike, Shamanic Journey, Pranayama, Creative Movement and QiGong.

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7:00 PM19:00


Learn how to take unforgettable journeys into the heart of the matter and leave this class with an invaluable lifelong practice that will access all the deep wisdom you hold within. 

Shamanic Journeying is an inquiry based meditation. It is an ancient and experiential method of receiving personal guidance, empowerment, and healing by accessing the threshold state of consciousness through a hypnotic repetitive and rhythmic beat from Native American drumming. By relaxing into a peaceful state of being through sound, you will learn to journey into upper and lower non-ordinary realities, and experience incredible insight, knowledge, and transformation with the assistance of loving spirit guides.

Materials to bring - Water, Yoga mat and/or blanket, small pillow and eye mask if preferred, journal and pen. Please eat a healthy meal prior to class. Bring nuts or protein source if preferred, to eat after each journey.

What will be provided- A review sheet will be sent to your email the following day.

COST- $35

Location Seeds of Satya from 7pm-9pm

3401 W 29th Ave, Denver, CO, 80211 


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to Jun 4


EARTH INTO TRUTH PROGRAM DATES, TIME, LOCATION and ACTIVITIES begins June 3rd and Ends September 3rd. Please scroll down to see a complete detail of each weekend. 

The first weekend is centered around releasing the Child of the past that they are leaving behind and acknowledging the beauty that surrounds them. This is the Separation phase of the Rite of Passage. 

The Mirror and Me (My Tribe, My Teachers, Within and Without)                      

We will meet at Roost Farms then after a Parent/Daughter ceremony, initiates will head toward Conservation Land on Lookout Mountain to camp out for the weekend.

Activities will include Initiative games, exploration of my story and beliefs, earth mask painting, yoga and Nature Mandala.                     

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9:00 AM09:00

Earth Into Truth Parent Workshop

This workshop will be an experiential exploration of your own inner child- the past, present and future. We will explore our own personal stories, how to heal our inner child of the past, the importance of working with our inner child of present so that we can arrive fully in an authentic connection with our future child, as Carl Jung called it- the Divine Child. We will Shamanic Journey and make light and shadow masks that will be given to initiate daughters in the Rite of Passage Program while reflecting on privilege and responsibility which will be useful toward the end of the program to create with your daughter "A Family Covenant". 

Please note, if this date is difficult for most we can find a new date that is best for everyone that is on the weekend or split up on the weekdays. We will figure this out once initiates are formalized. 

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7:00 PM19:00

Mountain Phoenix Parent Meeting to Discuss Earth Into Truth: A Girls' Rite of Passage

Join us at Mountain Phoenix Community School to discuss the Earth Into Truth Program and the importance of Rite of Passage experiences. The meeting will be in the main building in the Eurythmy Room. For more information on the Program, go to Rites of Passage

Address- 4725 Miller St, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

Feel free to Call 303-489-3068 if you have questions


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