Divine… because she stands in all her love & compassion.

Dangerous…because she stands in all of her power, wisdom & truth.

Dear MOther,

So often we think, “My child needs me”, “My husband needs me.”, “My… needs me”, but how often have you thought, “ I need me”?

“I need all of me”.

You need…

The you that knows how to speak her truth, standing in the uncomfortableness and beauty of every shifting moment: every lesson, every gift.

The you that feels, hears and trusts the messages from the universe.

The you that is patient and peaceful, in the stillness and the chaos.

The you that is sensual and can open heartedly receive love.

The you that is fierce, and can stand in the midst of danger with power and courage.

The you that knows that everything will be okay and flows with the changes.

The you that is a part of something far bigger than your mind can perceive.

Deep down, You know you. You know your truth, you just have to have experiential moments with your truth to remind you and awaken… The Divine & Dangerous Mother who stands in all her love with power, poise and grace.

Are you reaDY?

Are you ready to be rebirthed, birthed back into all of you?

This will be a highly transformational journey with other like minded women who are spiritually seeking and growing. Women who know that there is more to life than they are presently living and experiencing. They can no longer hide and remain the same, and are being called to heal the repetitious wounded stories with Love and compassion. To embody their innate Power, Truth and Wisdom. Women who are called, like you, like me, to stand in ALL their divinity and danger, birthing the world our hearts know is possible.


is unlike any other retreat or healing program yet. 

We dive Deep and Fly High.

Detail 1

INTO THE WOMB is an intensive 4 month program for eight women only.

There are 2 programs per year.

January- April

May- Aug

Detail 2

The first three months we will work together remotely for…

  • Four group workshops.

  • Nine one on one depth hypnosis, shamanic healing sessions with Kari.


Detail 3

The fourth month, we meet for a 5 night, 4 day nature immersion retreat on powerful, healing sacred land deep in the forest of the Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina.

Activities include:

Sweat Lodge, Earth Burial, Fire Walking, Equine Therapy, Meditation, Yoga, Stargazing Storytelling, Wild Herb Walks, Sacred Dance & Song and much more.

Detail 4

Program begins January 2020.

Accommodations: Off grid modern eco cabins.

Food: Organic and Vegetarian

Interested? Click below to Fill out form provided for “Into the Womb” and I’ll be in touch to set up a time to talk with you one on one to see if we are a good fit.

Commitment to entire program is essential.

Payment plans available.