Dear you,

I know how heavy life can feel, and I also know how ecstatic and enlivening it can be when we begin to step into our truth and magic. I am honored to be at this stage in my life where I'm finally doing what I'm destined to do, and humbled by the guidance and experiences that have brought me to this point. Just like everyone's story, not always easy, but empowering and enlightening, our hardships are cornerstops into our well-being. 

To all my future, present and past clients: 

Thank you for your trust and personal commitment to rise above your story and seek a state of  harmony and peace, not only for yourself, but for the enrichment of  your relationships, community and future generations.  We are all on this wild, sometimes messy, but always beautiful, theatrical stage together. 

Sending you and yours TRUTH+LOVE+MAGIC! 






I don’t know where to I’ll start by beginning. I was in a very dark place when I reached out to Kari for a healing. I didn’t know what to expect, but I certainly knew I could not go on feeling like I was. I had received healings and “clearings” before from other shamanic practitioners, but I’d never experienced anything as deep and profound as I did in my session with Kari.
She is grounded and powerful- it was a blessing to be a witness to a healer who is so fully committed to not only providing an excellent experience, but standing in her own power, her own strength, while giving back my own. I was given not only my strength, but the knowing that I can move mountains. Kari is more than a healer- she is a conduit of the divine. I am grateful to have received this healing with her. I am truly honored.
— Vita V. | San Diego, CA
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Kari is one of the most kind, loving and intuitive women I have worked with in my lifetime. She is truly a gifted healer. Everything she brings to her sessions and offers her clients comes from the heart. She is invested in her clients in a way that allows one to be vulnerable, while feeling respected, heard and empowered all at the same time. She has personally helped me through some extremely trying and emotional times and I am eternally grateful. The work I have done with Kari has led me to open my eyes in new ways, strive to walk my true path in life, allowed me to redeem losses of power that were taken along the way, and also recognize the gift of the journey we are all walking together. Her passion for helping others as well as her loving energy create such a safe environment while doing this intense and personal work.
I have worked with her in person and remotely and both were equally rewarding.
Thanks for all you give of yourself, Kari. I am forever grateful.
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I brought my 16yr old daughter for three sessions with Kari after having no luck with “traditional therapy”. Initially she was skeptical but agreed to go. Her entire attitude has shifted. She is so much happier and positive with not only continuing struggles but with communicating with me, which usually turned into an unresolved argument in the past. Our relationship is better because of it.
The wonderful thing about this form of therapy is that is gives you the lifelong tools for being able to work through struggles on your own.
I can’t say enough wonderful things about Kari and her teaching methods. She is lovable from the second you meet her and has a calming aura about her. My daughter has now recruited friends and their moms for our Shamanic Journeying class.
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While in CO, visiting from Australia, I was dealing with personal issues that I needed help with. Kari was recommended to me which I feel blessed to have received. I had three in person sessions with her. She was very intuitive, compassionate and caring. After I felt more connected with myself and found dealing with “stuff” much easier. Weeks after the effects seem to still be happening. I look forward to having a remote session with her soon! I highly recommend Kari to anyone in desire to grow beyond their personal issues. She will guide you in an exceptionally insightful, safe and caring way.
— Judith | Western Australia
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Kari is a true healer. I have worked with Kari for years in Depth Hypnosis and Shamanic Lightwork. She is empathic, compassionate, and patient. She empowers me to heal myself! She is very intuitive and has helped me to journey to past lives and other places to find answers to heal parts of myself that were wounded or shut down. A session with Kari is always a wonderful healing adventure! In our last session, she helped me to find answers to issues that were bothering me. The journey was amazing, full of laughter, tears and insights, and culminated into a visit from the spirit of my teacher who had crossed over to the other side. I look forward to doing a session with her again soon!
— Teresa L. | Denver, CO
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From the first time I met Kari, I felt connected and safe in her compassionate presence. Soon after our encounter I scheduled to work with her, and from the beginning the sessions were very enlightening. I always felt safe in the sacred space Kari was holding. She was very professional and compassionate as she helped me navigate difficult feelings and stories that surfaced. Many powerful energies and beliefs were released and led back into the light. Freeing up my own truth. I remember.
My transformation has been incredible since meeting and working with Kari. I have learned to trust my intuition and truly know that I hold within me everything that I will ever need. Through the stories of my past and stories of my ancestors, my present experience is empowered with new found knowledge. From a place of victim to a place of a warrior. Standing firmly on the ground. Feet rooted below with strength, love and support.
My relationships have also changed and flourished and I have more clarity and presence in my work.
Kari would always follow up on our sessions and make sure that all was well. I feel truly fortunate to have crossed paths with her. She continues to bring clarity and light to my path, thank you Kari!
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What a gift Kari and this work is to the world! I have been so fortunate to witness Kari develop and grow her skills over the past 7 years! I’m still enjoying the effects of this work all these years later! Working with Kari I now have ownership of my shadows with the knowledge and power to change my relationship to them. Before my work with Kari, I had many dark secrets. My past was so far repressed, yet these stories were causing me suffering. She guided me through those difficult moments so well that I’ve been able to continuously go back to our sessions together and reflect on the learning, wisdom and tangible healing.
I have an overwhelming sense of gratitude for Kari and her ability to listen and guide. Her ability to go in and basically do psychic surgery is huge! I’ve been able to uncover very hidden and buried parts of my past, heal ancestral trauma=mentally and somatically, banish entities compassionately and help to allow wholeness! The many levels of work she offers is so much from depth hypnosis, to shamanic journeying to soul retrieval to SO much more!
I recommend her to anyone who is willing to do their work and needs a little help!
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I stumbled upon Kari when doing a google search. Her website repetitively popped up at the top of the list despite not being connected to what I was searching. I knew that I needed to meet and work with Kari. I was right. I immediately felt comfortable and safe with Kari due to her compassion, caring energy and genuine nature. She is a true healer and loves to help people. Kari was able to help me locate parts of myself that I had disconnected with and left behind, as well as identify reasons for repeating patterns in my life. Although I have only experienced the wonderful practice of Depth Hypnosis, I look forward to exploring other avenues of healing and spiritual growth with Kari.
— Sierra B. | Denver, CO
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I’ve been through twenty years of psychotherapy and I’ve never told any of my therapist all that I’ve told Kari. The first session is a very detailed biography which helped me to clearly see all my patterning of story, emotions and beliefs. I opened up like a book and let go of trauma that I’ve not been able to do until I worked with Kari. She helped me to see things in a new way.
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Kari provides absolute great care and counseling! Breakthroughs have been ongoing, and I enjoy her gentle but strong lead and presence! Thank You Very Much Kari. I feel fortunate to have your strong shamanic vibration to gain from!
— Cindy M. | Denver, CO
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Kari is deeply driven to help her clients, and I am so grateful for her work and passion. The fruit of our work together continues to ripen in my life. I am inspired by how subtle those seeds seemed at the beginning of our sessions, and yet how real the shift in my perspective has become.
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My experiences with Kari were wonderful. I truly feel awakened within and am finally ready to step out in the direction of my desires without fear and hesitation. Because of the work I did with Kari, I feel confident and empowered to make the changes I want to see in my life.
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I took so much away from my sessions with Kari and have experienced a wonderful transition and freedom in my life from letting go of misperceptions, old beliefs and stories that did not serve me. I was able to forgive myself for things that I had a hard time doing prior to working with Kari.
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Kari helped me to reconnect with the stronger, authentic part of myself. Through the experiential process, I actually felt the release from an old connection that no longer served me. I trust Kari and would strongly recommend her to others. Thank You!
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I felt a loosening of all my beliefs that I’ve held onto for far too long and saw the constant layering of experiences and beliefs tied to one another. I felt a powerful shift in the room. My whole body lit up with goosebumps and there was a flow of energy in my body I’ve never felt before.
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Kari enabled me to explore truth through a completely new lens. From the very first session, I was amazed by the insights into patterns of untruths throughout my life. In addition to feeling closer to spirit, my relationship to self and others is brighter as a result of this work.
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Kari is an amazing woman! In my sessions with her I wept like I’d never before, and truly let go on a deep level. I’m grateful to the loving and caring space she created and how she made me feel held and supported throughout the entire process.
— Dev D. | Denver, CO
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I found my class with Kari profound, exciting and rewarding. I was able to open myself to a new space that I didn’t know existed! Come with an open mind and heart, and leave the fears at the door. Kari is a fantastic teacher and guide.

Do you feel the call to relax, unwind, unfold... Awaken Into Your Truth & Magic?

Follow your heart. Not your fear. I'm here to help and guide whoever is ready to leave the heaviness of their mind and open up to the magic and mystery that is within and all around.