Hi! My name is Kari, Founder and Soul Catalyst at Seeds of Satya

Kari Rivers BSN, CHT  Spiritual Counselor, Shamanic Healer & Depth Hypnosis Practitioner


…is that you have everything you need within you, and when you begin to have experiential moments with your wisdom and truth, you will absolutely find the path of least resistance, into a lightness and freedom you knew was possible, but didn't previously know how to access. 

We are all born as multi-dimensional beings of pure divine essence, a part of everything, seen and unseen. At some point in our soul's human journey we separate from the garden of eden, becoming lost in an individual and mass consciousness of constructs, beliefs and a burdensome memory, personal and ancestral.  Life continues to move with repetitious emotion and story, meanwhile there is a whisper of hope that we will gravitate back into a desire to re-member and awaken our inherent truth of who we are not, and into all that we are. 

In our journey to healing, learning how to map out the distinctions of damage and where the spirit collides is where the nectar resides. At Seeds of Satya, we inquire into those spaces within you that are ready to be known, embraced, released and restored to originality. It is a surrender into the density living within you, so your truth can be claimed and your joy be planted. In that very action, you begin to change all the circumstances, scenarios and relationships around you through pure awareness and wisdom. 


and my Love, is to dance with you in the spirit realms. I become like that of a hallow bone, allowing all energies that surface to flow through me, intuitively guiding you into an intimate relationship with the seen and unseen, helping you to trust the signpost within your human journey. With awareness, the energetic cringes that seem to be living, breathing and controlling you dissolve, moving you into greater states of balance, harmony and neutrality.  It's a surrender into the dark unconscious aspects of your being and an ascension into your well-spring of forgiveness, compassion and LOVE that blooms into an immense trust and ease, grace and gratitude, creativity and joy.  It is the sum parts of a once seemingly polar opposite viewpoint of duality, into a realization of the magnificent love that we are and are all a part of. 


I've been traveling a beautiful, not always so easy path that has schooled me and continues to deconstruct me from the the inside out. A novel of quandary, serendipity and unbelievable magic moments, realization and mystery. An experience with the unseen and a dissolution of the smallness of Kari, into the vaster aspects of all that we truly are.  Life is my playground of discovery and my catacomb of dissolving into truth. 

I’ve played many roles in my lifetime. Presently, I’m a mother to two amazing daughters and lover to my soul mate, who’s relationships are my greatest teachers. As a healer, my hands began to reach out to be of service at a very young age, which led me to many different ways of seeing, exploring the world and our humanity. Life lessons were delivered from a vast population of varying experiences, yet there was a feeling that I wasn't really doing what I came here to do. That all changed due to a severe infection that western medicine could not tame, which resulted in a dance with the unseen realms, and eventually in my desperation and plea to God, a miraculous healing occured with instruction as to “become a Spiritual Counselor and follow all paths that will lead to truth”. All soul stretching, mind collapsing moments, which you can read more about here.

My training has been wherever I'm guided within and without, and a deep surrender into what Great Spirit wants me to learn from personal life experiences, as well as embodied and disembodied teachers. I've been guided to a rich diversity of practices, teachings, lineages and sacred lands that come from a pure space of Love. Fierce lessons of courage, compassion, acceptance, forgiveness, release and expansion. Although my tool belt is big, I'm truly supported by something far greater that goes beyond singularity. A space of connecting deeply with intuition and trust, guided by Source.

Thus in my sessions with you, healing comes from the cosmic eternal heart of Oneness. Which is the path we are all on… learning how to love into every part of our being, bridging the distance between the heart and mind.

My clientele...

are of all ages and experiences. I welcome whoever is ready to learn from their individual and mass conscious story and into their truth from the inside out, manifesting magic by immersing into their innate power, intuition and love. 

However, please note, sincere healing takes courage, vulnerability, devotion and patience, YET there is no greater journey. All will be changed by your ability to rise into a content and grateful heart, no matter the push and pull of human experience. 

We each are a unique expression of the divine, a multiplicity of oneness.

The world needs your wisdom, your creativity, your TRUTH, your MAGIC!!! 

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Are you ready?

I'm excited to guide you into an exploration of your truth that will set you upon the path that leads you back into your wild organic nature, manifesting your innate magnificence... your magic! 



Seeds of Satya is not just a name or a description of a business, it was birthed from experience and truths learned within a myriad moments of suffering, joy and unexplainable spiritual moments that continues to open doorways to healing and ultimate wholeness back to the truth of who we are. 


From our first breath at birth we have been turning pages. An adventure within the external world of the senses, forgetting the nectar that resides within our very core. Some have called Kari an Oracle, others a Priestess and Shaman. Here is a channeled story by her, the symbolism of the Seeds of Truth that live within us all that relate to our human spiritual journey.

Seeds of Satya (Truth): Spiritual Counseling, Shamanic Healing & Depth Hypnosis. The Alchemy, Specialty and Clientele


The healing experience at Seeds of Satya is an alchemical experience that shines light into the dark unknown aspects of the mind, bringing about unparalleled freedom and expansion in the mental, emotional and physical being.