The Story


There is a Seed of Seeds... 

A Seed of Truth, buried deep within. It beckons to be found in the compacted soil of misconception, and is the elixer of that which hides it. 

Few venture to find, because they too are buried in the tomb of forgetfulness and misunderstanding. Consumed with hardship born of the past, they define and feel trapped by the stories of the small self. Dreaming of far off distance places to escape, caught in the tendrils of desire, shame and fear. 

Reflections exist all around. Mirrors of light, teachings of that which the seed buried deep within has to teach.  Few slow down to witness and bear the messages of their personal relationship with others and nature. All an extenuation of their darkness and light, their vast expanse of experience and wisdom that waits to be found, known and embraced. 

Patiently the Seed whispers, "Shhh, be still. I'm here. Find me. Follow your heart." 

Meanwhile, the rivers flow into the ocean.  Crowds walk hurriedly by.  Some dip there toes in. Others swim in fantastical play.  Every now and then a curious one will stop and listen to the ringing call within, like beautiful sirens urging them to jump into the swim deep below. Through stillness and inquiry, they summon their courage and emerge into the flowing and sometimes stagnant stream. They brave the wildness of the unknown that opens into the vast sea, diving deep into a marvelous swim with the ancient wisdom keepers of the universe.  


The deep divers are greeted with a reminder that despite the feeling of being separate, we are together even in solus. The wisdom keeper lessons are of how to travel into the cold heavy waters below, no longer avoiding and hiding from the sucking pull of the sea monster. They empower the deep divers to surrender into the great swallow of awareness and vulnerability, moving with a growing trust and fearlessness. 

With each new adventure into the crevices of the underworld, nourishing healing balms of fierce compassion and forgiveness dissolve the clutches of past grievances and suffering. 

With each new discovery, the light from above shines brighter into the abyss, opening sight and vision onto a growing cessation of oceanic water that unveils the seed of seeds, The Seeds of Truth, buried within all the muck of separation.  Once so tightly cocooned in the small singular story, the seed awakens. It travels with a growing awareness, taking a journey into the fullness of expansion.

With each breathful embrace, layer by layer the seed cracks open with newness, revealing the truth, the beauty, the mystery of life and Self. 

Roots, trunk and branches grow strong, extending out into the world with compassion for all seen and unseen, a sanctuary of healing and solace.

The ocean, land and sky become one; blossoming new fruit, new awareness, a new existence.

Fins transmute into legs that walk the fruitful seeds of compassion onto the soul of the highest mountain.

Arms merge into wings that take flight into the cosmos, spreading fruitful seeds of love that stream into heartwarming starlight that dance below, above, within, without. 

A wild fire of love bursts into a lush radiance of ecstasy and bliss where no storm can ever kilter the truth and magic of our unity within the multiplicity of Oneness. 

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