The Alchemy


My Speciality...

is helping clients process life experiences with unparalleled depth and awareness so they can navigate into their most empowered and authentic state of being. An arrival into a state of forgiveness and neutrality with the heavy personal, ancestral and mass conscious stories that have caused us to believe the negative repetitious mind that pulls us back into the same stories and fear based reactions that are outdated and worn. It's alchemy, turning dark heavy states of consciousness into light. A process that has helped me tremendously through my experience of healing grief, body image issues, anger towards the injustices of our world, unexplainable anxiety and chronic illness.  

How is it done?

It begins with bringing awareness into the uncomfortableness that you hide, avert and shy away from. It is an inquiry meditation, where we begin to ask and receive. We sink into the energetic cringes within the body, following and trusting the language of spirit that is seen through the eye of intuition. Together we walk in the the dark unconscious aspects of your psyche that have fed your conscious experience, until you are ready to claim your truth and light.  We learn from your story with recognition of the many false selves that you have believed in.  In a space of surrender and relaxation, there is a feeling, knowing and witnessing of the many structures that no longer serve you and your ancestors best interest.  Naturally there is a transmutation of the constricted energetic cringes within you, creating healing pathways for the true empowered self to emerge. 

The result...

is balance, a renewed sense of awareness, enlivenment, acceptance and undeniable peace. A spaciousness and lightness of being that births one into their authentic origin of truth and power, their organic wild nature.

  • Old patterns fall away

  • Pain can disappear from the body

  • Relationships change

  • Inspiration, deep joy, gratitude, creativity and new directions emerge

The results are each unique and very personal to the individual.

At the root of it all...

I hold sacred space, focused intention for the gradual unfolding and unveiling of the sublime within you to be known and embraced. Creating a safe field of energy that supports the capitalization upon your inner wisdom and the lessons of Spirit. I help you usher in the re-membrance that we are multidimensional energy pulsing through the universe, unified in the One. A discovery of the immense power of surrender, present moment awareness, compassion, love and forgiveness. With each new realization arises a higher vibration, trust and perspective, which shifts personal relationship with everyone and everything. Bringing Heaven to Earth. 

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I can’t begin to describe how a single session with Kari helped me! Kari is kind, compassionate and nonjudgemental healer. We worked through both current and past issues and dissolved negative thought patterns. Her intuitive abilities helped identify areas of blockages and her gift of healing helped remove them. I can’t recommend Kari enough!
— Beth E. | Denver, CO


The Transformations at Seeds of Satya continue, are you ready to relax, unwind, unfold... Awaken Into Your Truth & Magic?

Follow your heart. Not your fear. I'm here to help and guide whoever is ready to leave the heaviness of their mind and open up to the magic and mystery that is within and all around.