I'm so glad you are here.

The world needs more truth seekers, ready to dive into the wildness of their heart and melt the entangled web of misconception created by the mind. Humanity will benefit immensely from your medicine, your power, your stunning beauty, uniqueness, and wisdom: Your Truth. 

Just as a seed needs to be buried in darkness to grow into its fullness, surrendering and softening into the origin of shadow, we begin to uncover all that we are not, so that we can clearly experience and grow into all that we truly are.  


Let go of  outdated beliefs, preconceptions and conditions that you hold about yourself, others and the world?

Connect with yourself and those you love in a new and authentic way? 

Make friends with the things that you cannot change, and have the courage, knowledge and intention to move into your limitless possibility? 

There has never been a better time to cultivate your being, embody harmony, embrace your power and plant seeds of truth- the recollection of what is already perfect! 

Seeds of Satya (Truth), guides you through experiential processes that help you drop into a state of personal awareness and discovery that dissolves the false self, untethering the energetic cringes of the mind, so you can expand into pure potentiality and the unconditional love that is the root and center of all that you truly are. Click below to understand the offerings at Seeds of Satya. 










In a world of distraction, we have learned to focus our attention upon the external, neglecting true intimacy with self, others and nature. Culturally and religiously we've been trained to be disembodied, allowing our self limiting beliefs to plague us and our self-worth to be dictated by extraneous occurrences. Our disassociation creates a rift in our sight and perception of the deeper aspects of true self. Our views weigh heavy and the mind becomes crowded and troubled with restricting conclusions that create a dense illusionary world that manifest externally and dis-ease within our body. We become trapped in these fields of emotions and ideas, bound by fear, judgment, shame and anger: attracting repeating experiences and creating a false self that covers our inner truth.

How do I know? Through experience. Layer by layer truth unearths from within.  The key is not distancing from the not so feel good emotions, but embracing them with compassion and love, like a little child crying. It's a journey into the core of you, a process of uncovering the veil through innate body wisdom.  The unraveling comes in layers, and with each discovery,  you find that you are no longer triggered like you were before, in greater balance, trusting and being your TRUTH- the LIGHT that IS YOU! It's alchemy, turning dark consciousness into light consciousness. 


Using experiential Integrative Shamanic Therapies, Seeds of Satya intuitionally and mindfully works with your triggers, the energies surrounding your emotions, beliefs and subconscious blocks that are stealing you from the present moment. All that has effected you throughout your life, are epigenetically influenced by the stories of your ancestors, and are possibly causing your body to present with a host of symptoms and disease. At Seeds of Satya, Kari is your guide helping you to rediscover and navigate all the many aspects of your being. Your job is to just be you, to surrender and relax with mindful awareness. You are the healer melting into the spaciousness of spirit so you can shape shift the heavy spaces of consciousness that arise. With palpable awareness you remove the obstacles that are blocking you, becoming lightness and freedom,  becoming more and more luminous with each realization. SHINING YOUR BEAUTIFUL POWERFUL TRUTH, bringing heaven to earth. 


  • Sense, feel and see your story from spirit point of view.
  • Experience forgiveness, compassion and peace, which is your birth right. 
  • Release outmoded beliefs that do not serve your highest good. 
  • Surrender into and transpose compact states of consciousness. 
  • Reclaim your power and change the narrative of your story.  
  • Shift into greater trust and neutrality for all that is showing up.  
  • Gain valuable teachings and experiential esoteric wisdom from your eternal soul self.
  • Heal the stories of the past and present which will lead you into a new and balanced future. 
  • Empower into the present moment, no longer hindered by outdated precepts, ideology, thoughts and fears that once had power over you.
  • Learn powerful techniques of inquiry meditation of how to peel back the veil that keeps you from your absolute truth. 
  • Walk away with a new experiential understanding of esoteric wisdom teachings. 


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Kari L Rivers Geurts, BSN CHT -Depth Hypnosis Practitioner & Spiritual Counselor

SEEDS OF SATYA (Truth): Awakening Truth Within. We all hold infinite and universal truth within. Are you ready to awaken your being? Are you ready to weed out all that binds you and learn from your story? Nourish your seeds of truth from within, and grow into your authentic- powerful -beautifully wild and wise being.