What is SatyA?

Satya is sanskrit for truth.

What is Truth? 

I can't tell you what truth is, and if I were to tell you, would you believe me? I will say this though... truth resides within you. Finding it is a very personal and experiential journey. You can be told what truth is, and you can read it, but you will only know it, when you feel it and have an experience with it. When you touch Truth, it undeniably shape-shifts your entire life, relationships and reality

Truth goes far beyond what anyone can tell us. It surmounts our rational mind, and our egocentric small mindedness. In fact our encounter with truth filled moments disintegrates everything we once thought to be true, leaving more and more room to open to the truth of all that is and is not, so we can merge into our divinity.

Truth filled moments expand us into the spaces where we no longer question our togetherness despite our aloneness, creating relationship for us to live and breath in unison with everything around us, seen and unseen. No longer separate, no longer clinging, no longer avoiding. Just being and experiencing, good or bad. Everything coming and going, impermanently shifting through the lens of perception.  

There are levels into finding truth. Like climbing a ladder, or summiting a mountain. Some moments we loose our grip, or we stumble along the journey.  Our task is to learn how to surrender into each and every moment, learning the lessons of the fall and summits: how to be more and more graceful with each step; thought, word, deed. Catapulted into a higher level of awareness, another rung, a loftier ridge that is filled with greater love, compassion, trust and neutrality. 

The Truth...

All Truth is within you, waiting for you to discover. Living into all your truth. Discovering your Truth with each breath and step you take. You are divine intelligence, a mystery begging to be known.


Sending you seeds of BLESSINGS+LOVE on your personal path to truth. 




Are you ready to awaken to your truth and magic?