Our Little Intermediaries

Children are so incredibly aware and open to their connection to everything around them. Yet, as a society we have learned to discredit a child’s ability to perceive and push away their experiences in the unseen realms. Many hurry past conversations about their dreams, the invisible playmate, or the ghost in the hallway, and chalk it up as imaginary. Some children have the ability to communicate with plants and animals, see light beings, auras, and symbols in the ethers, yet they have never conveyed what they see because to them it’s normal and an every day occurrence to see beyond the veil of duality. They have no idea that you can’t see what they do, thus they assume it is an ordinary aspect of human nature. Many try to express their experience, but they do not feel heard or validated because to the listener it feels uncomfortable, made up and imaginary, so they no longer express themselves freely. 

Peering into a child’s world with intrigue and attention through their perception is a gift for them to be fully heard and known. It creates a beautiful bond between child and adult, seeding opportunity for both to flourish with magic and mystery.  Enabling the child to become the mediator between the physical and spiritual realms awakens that which has been forgotten in our human experience and becomes the preservation of spiritual evolution that will not only carry the child throughout the sometimes trying liminal states of growth, but each of us who are touched by their ability to see. A remembrance of our child like intuition and knowing that things are not as they seem. 

I have had the pleasure to witness so many children in their full potential as mediator, but one that I'd like to share today of where I had asked my children and nephews to help create a ceremony to honor our beloved elder, my father, and their grandfather for his 70th birthday. 

The morning of my father's birthday I asked my father to find photos and special items that represented each decade of his life. Meanwhile the kids and I created a cake and an alter of plants, candles, and spaces to hold his special items of choice. The children decided that they wanted to wash everyone’s feet before they walked into the pathway of shells they had so lovingly designed that led into the sacred space. 

As we gathered the family. I could feel the tension by several family members. A ceremony of such was odd and uncomfortable. Not something done in our day and age. There was a part of them that was triggered due to their Christian belief which I’m certain they didn’t even understand it themselves, but the energy was palpable. 

The ceremony began with each person having their feet washed by the children, then they were escorted into the pathway that led to me. A feather in one hand and sage in another I said a prayer, cleansing their aura and touching their energetic chakra areas with the feather. 

“May you always love yourself as spirit loves you. May you always speak your truth first filtered through your heart. May you always be able to see, sense and feel your connection to everything around you. May you always be guided by the highest truth, knowing that Great Spirit lives and breaths within you and all around you.” 

After each person was sagebrushed, a gemstone mala I’d made for my father was held for prayers to be infused within it for our dear Papa. Then each were directed into the circle to sit with my father. 

You can imagine that it took some time for each person to be cleansed, and in those moments there were a few in the group whose tension mounted creating abrupt and loud conversation that some how broke up their discomfort. Others found it sweet and reverent, especially the children. They all exuded such joy, especially my nephew Henry who has Ausperger’s. He was so full of excitement his arms wailed and his smile beamed with delight. He stood beside me as I saged each person one by one. Henry peered into the etheric spaces that only he himself could see, repeating over and over countless times becoming more and more exuberant as each person stepped into the smoke. “The Light is Growing, The Light is Growing!” he exclaimed over and over. 

Having Henry and all my little enthusiastic family friends beside me was such a gift to us all. I quietly thanked God for having them all beside us as our little Intermediaries into the unseen realms of mystery and magic. 

Kari Rivers