Waking Up The Wounded Self

Most people know their wounds intimately and are very aware that they are programmed by them in many ways, thus become an active participant in their healing process.  On the other side of the coin, there are a vast amount of people who ignore and distract from their wounds because of one it so uncomfortable, two religious belief, three they feel helpless in their process, or four they have numbed them self from feeling.  A large part of the problem is that so many have become enslaved to life, they just keep truckin' on, hoping one day the disfunction presenting will disappear without being an active participant in transformation and growth. 

Waking up the wounded self sounds like something you would not want to do, however if you are experiencing emotions and experiences that you desire to change, yet have not taken time to inquire, process and reflect, you can bet that their are underlying subconscious divisive dysfunctions in your life that are ready to be known, embraced and brought back into wholeness. 

The past, present and future are not linear. You begin to know this as you inquire into the wounded self. There are time capsules living and breathing the disfunction you desire to change and its as simple as bringing awareness into that time frame so it can heal and no longer control you. 

But what if you aren't aware of your wounded selves, but you know that something is not as perfect as it should be? Simply close your eyes and allow your mind to travel back to your childlike self. What does your childlike self look like? Continue to observe because he or she may continue to show several faces of emotion. Notice and feel the emotion. 

I recently had dinner with my mother after returning from a weekend workshop with Itzhak Berry who I have the honor to cook for when he comes into town. I was sharing with her my weekend and what I'd learned from the palm reading information we received and practiced. The palm reading I did for her opened her to speak about her childhood, something she'd never shared before. I asked her to allow her mind to take her back to her child self, then to notice what age she was, then what did she feel like. She said she was six years old, she looked happy, then she immediately opened her eyes. I asked her to settle back in and go back to her child self and sit with her. She sat for a minute in the restaurant booth, and suddenly her eyes began to tear up. She had woken up her wounded self, making the realization that she was holding bottled up emotional attachments to a feeling of rejection and not being good enough. All constructs creating her anxiety and modes of self acceptance. 

Our society is chalked full of ways to distract ourself from our authentic wild wisdom which leads to our wholeness and powerful neutral state of being. Waking of the wounded self is essential to healing your wounded self. Don't distract any longer! Heal and Shine Your Light! 


Kari Rivers