In the brevity of humanness, there is a call toward the path of sifting away the deception of "me" that invites that which has always and ever will be- perfection in all its purity. Within the tapestry of dark and light we are balance. Energetic spiritual beings in the ring of creation and destruction. A beautiful rowdy human ride that speaks to our heart and heartache. A school house of desire and forgetful uncertainties. A circle of repetitious change and free will. An echo to awaken from the slumber. To stop walking with the dead. And so it is... 

I AM HERE to claim every cell of this flawless spirit living in a temple shell of elemental decay.

I AM HERE to LET GO of all false pretense of me, he, she, it. 

I AM HERE to RESURRECT the neglected fearful disembodied aspects.

I AM HERE to FORGIVE the persona of US in all its magnificence and imperfection. 

I AM HERE to BRIDGE the Lowest of ego and Highest of self into one Symphonic Sound. 

I AM HERE to CULTIVATE awareness, neutrality, joy, and peace. 


I AM HERE... to LOVE,  Breathing Consciousness into Life. 

Kari Rivers