Face Your Suffering

A necessary part of healing is learning how to let go. However, letting go is not possible until we let in and come into a full acceptance of the suffering. Realizing that not everything we turn toward to heal can be changed, however nothing will ever change if we do not come into an awareness of its nature, which invites in a lightness and transformational balm.

So much of our existence is fed by unconscious avoidance, creating an exacerbation of our imbalance. Our attempts to self-protect chases us into corners with limited views of ourself and others, always grasping familiarity. We push against the walls that encapsulate us, not realizing that the only way to escape is through, into the mental enslavement created. Essentially, what we "resist, persists". 

Our tears will not dry by simply immersing ourself in aversion through the senses, or burying it in the backyard basement. Suffering can only be removed by stepping into our wisdom, and our wisdom can only be cultivated by inquiry, which transmutes all grievances into fierce compassion and a fearless receptivity. 


Kari Rivers