Pregnant Time

Have you ever felt pregnant in perfect time? It’s a wonderful feeling as all begins to culminate and conspire into place. This arrival takes time, diligence, deep trust and patience. It does not happen overnight. There is always a process leading up to this birth. 

The dream, the idea, the vision. Full fruition can be felt, but not attained with a gnomic expression. The soil has to be composted, the seed planted through the process of surrender, patience, imagination, learning, and collaboration. Germination begins with preparation and planning, leading to many emotions that disintegrates the imperfect spaces and nourishes the perfection. A series of disappointments and excitements, where trust in the process becomes a necessity, and lack there of holds many lessons. A holding and cuddling takes place within the ebbs and flows. A greater magnification and reflection of the moment all unveils into the perfectness that desires to sprout, bloom and be born through your hands, nourished and seeded by your heart and mind, giving rise to an ultimate flowering. Suddenly you feel it, the energy of it all is so big and bountiful. There’s no turning back, The universe is thrusting you forward and cheering you on. You are pregnant in time, birthing in a newness and all that is ready to be born from you, in service and in gratitude for innate gifts that are ready to pour from within you and all around. You are an instrument of the divine, mothering and fathering the energy of light and dark. 

Kari Rivers