My Tantric Lover

Love, Sex and Rock and Roll, or is it Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll? Either way you choose to remember, we are all aware of the feel of it, whether we experienced it or not. And let's be honest, sometimes marriage/partnership can feel just like that, fast and furious. Work, children, exercise, bills, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, commitments, taking care of yourself and everyone else-  the drum beat rolls- ie. LIFE takes over. 

Now back track to the romance, beautiful experiences of raw passion and quivering moments of meeting your lover and the build up that followed. Bathe in that for a moment, those memories...

Delicious, right? We all secretly yearn for those moments again knowing that they will never return in that specific light again, but with hope there can be a sustaining essence of growth, discovery, and yes ecstasy. 

If you are lucky, both you and your lover each have your passions that feed your creativity and purpose. Allowing the other to flow without restriction. Both evolving and growing. Which means that in order to really connect deeper and wider there has to be time to reorient and relearn each other's landscape. Neither exactly the same a decade ago, nor three weeks ago. Yet, in the midst of more life together, there remains a core of sameness that we seek, a dance with the new and old, striving to find equilibrium and objectivity.  

Thus, if we are seeking our balance individually, then shouldn't we naturally come into more balance in partnership? There has to be a barometer to feel into the counter currents with our lover. A moment of silence and togetherness that is set in intention to connect deeper. A time in space that allows for the Ah-Ha moments: 

"I remember who you are! I remember those eyes, that soul, that breath, that kiss without touch or "I Love you" without words. I see you, I know you, and I understand how much you give, I understand how much I take, and I want to be better. Or "Wow, this feels good and we are getting better!". Or, "I really screwed things up and took the wrong path, I'm sorry." 

An allowance to truly be together in a new way, without the hurry, bustle, and high of life. Without the noise, distraction and dazzle. The silence to connect in simple breath and gaze. Nesting into the moment, allowing the energies within the lovers to shed, sync and recalibrate together in the rawness of being human- spiritually balancing within self and in unison.

Feeling the energy of this, and desire to have a unique experience with your lover?

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Kari Rivers