The Witch Hunt and the MA Bill SD1840

Are you a healer of any kind or use the services of healing practitioners?
You might be interested in this new Bill trying to gain ground.

Since Trump's presidency, it has been so fascinating seeing how absolutely everything in history has been arising from the ashes and circulating within our periphery to trigger and show us what wounds, beliefs and constructs we as individuals and as a country need to heal and release.

As you read about this bill, keep in mind that this is the Northern states where the Witch Hunts occured, and MA being the Salem Witch Hunt Trials.

The MA Bill SD1840, which is now being introduced in Oklahoma, first introduced by Senator Montigny for the third time. If passed, SD1840 would negatively affect all Reiki, Qi Gong, Meditation, Yoga, Martial Arts, Thai Chi, and the like in Massachusetts, or anyone traveling there from out of state to teach.

Grow Wildly. Find your strength and your truth, it’s all within you.

Grow Wildly. Find your strength and your truth, it’s all within you.

Under current MA law, Reiki, Qi Gong and other energy modalities are exempt from massage licensure in MA, but this law attempts to set up an entirely new licensing process for all types of healers and spiritually based practitioners/facilitators or the like, and mandate they be licensed, receive government endorsed education; and that these modalities can only be taught in state licensed schools.

NOTE: This is similar to what China did to change, control and regulate the Qi Gong teachings and practices, after a long history of repression, imprisonment and murder of practitioners, teachers and students alike who had healed themselves of terminal disease using these practices.

As written MA SD1840 bill, if passed would negatively impact all practitioners who:
“…uses touch, words or directed movement to deepen awareness of patterns of movement in the body, or the affectation of the human energy system or acupoints or Qi meridians of the human body while engaged within the scope of practice of a profession with established standards and ethics;

Interesting? I think so.

If you are triggered. These stories live within you and are asking that you learn the nature of your reality.

I was reading about this stuff in college, and looking back at my reactions as a child to the messages and misunderstandings of the church in relation to Jesus’s words, that we “are all gods, all sons of God, , and that everything he could do we do too”; it’s been living in me for a long time. However grateful to have learned ways of energy work and meditation to help me navigate through the layers and stories that I hold all fears and judgments of the past; witnessing myself shift in power and neutrality to these stories, clarifying that we can heal and move beyond.

Thus, I feel grateful for these events that stir us, and show us how much we have to heal and also how far we've come. All helping us to move and shape shift into a higher vibrations, freeing ourselves and our future of the misunderstandings of the past. Never to repeat as we are now.

If you feel triggered and don't know how to access and heal these stories within you. This is the work I do, and am happy to help assist you in your healing process. :)

Kari Rivers