11 Essentials When facing Chronic illness

A diagnosis of Lyme can feel weighted and scary, or if you are like me, it was a big relief due to years of trying to figure out exactly all that I was dealing with. Either way, a chronic diagnosis of any kind is overwhelming with a plethora of concerns and confusions as to where to turn for guidance. And when you look to the internet, most forums are very negative and hopeless which can feed your thoughts and emotions of distrust in your personal journey toward healing. These are all normal feelings, reactions and experiences as you navigate your direction, but at some point you have to decide to learn how to relax into the noise.

Accept your walk with chronic illness as an adventure, remembering that you are not your body or mind and all the discomfort it expresses. You are an all pervasive divine intelligence and consciousness that wants to be known and embraced.

Your path to healing is unique to you, and there is a vast resource of knowledge that can be accessed from within you and all around you. Everything about your dis-ease exist to bring you into a greater state of wholeness, lightness and freedom: navigating your being back into balance. However, many get sucked into a rabbit hole of anxiety, anger, grief and despair, due to their fear and distrust of all that is occurring.

Rather than be a victim, see it as an experience that can profoundly awaken you into your true nature. A preparation that teaches you how to gracefully live and die. An opportunity to learn how to go beyond the senses, to truly be in every moment, whether it be in pleasure or discomfort. Allow all of your human experience to inform you of your current state of limiting beliefs, so past traumas can no longer be feared.

Are you still with me?

Here are 11 essential components to embrace for your soulful evolution and acceptance of what ever will be in your dance with Lyme, Chronic Illness, or any other element of our human experience.



Everything is communicating and vibrating a pulse that can move you into your truest nature. Your inner and outer experiences are beacons showing you what is serving and what is not. What heaviness needs to be unpacked, learned from, excepted and moved into neutrality.

All that is happening exist to bring you into greater states of harmony and peace. Your dis-ease is a powerful teacher from start to finish. Trust your process.


Learning how to bring awareness into every moment of our lives is critical to understanding the loops of the mind that energetically feed the imbalances of the physical and mental body, creating well-being or dis-ease.

Common and important questions to contemplate are:

What are your beliefs and thoughts around your current state of health, relationships, career, etc. (your life) ?

Do you feel hopeful in your ability to heal, or hopeless? Do you feel distrust in the treatment? Do you feel angry around the manifestation of your dis-ease?

Watch your mind, and the story and thoughts repeating in your head. What are the emotions connected to the story, and the feelings in your body that are result of the emotions? All are gateways to creating freedom from beliefs and constructs that no longer serve you, changing the vibration within your body, and healing the layers of imbalance.


This is your bread and butter. Your roadmap to wellness. To tap into your intuition, opens the entire universe, and will continually lead you to what is best for you. Open yourself to receive what it is your body needs through successful treatments, energy practices, awareness, healing relationships, and releasing grievances that will shift your body, mind and spirit into truth, wholeness and a beneficial balanced state of mind despite results.


You know your body best. Learn to listen to it and trust what it is conveying to you. In nursing school we were told over and over, “Listen to your patients. They know their body”. However, when I became a patient, there were countless times in my healing journey I knew intuitively what was going on with my body and what steps needed to be taken, yet there were doctors and naturopaths that did not listen to me. I felt for years I had Lyme, but doctors would not test me, thinking it was something else. Thus, I’d often abandon their advice and follow my intuition, finding that my body shifted and healed that particular symptom due to me trusting and having discernment as to what was best for my body. I realized quickly that those practitioners were not for me.

So, if a treatment or practitioner does not resonate with you, despite their A+ credentials, know that your body will not react and heal if you do not have faith in what’s being prescribed. You know your body best.


There are so many ways to heal your body.

What worked for one person, may not work for you. You are a multiplicity of oneness, with a constitution that is unique to you.

Explore and be open to different modalities. If it resonates, there is a reason, try it and see what happens. You may be pleasantly surprised, and you will learn something new that may benefit you in some small or large way. Trust your Journey!


Attachment to an outcome is your worst enemy. Why? Because expectation creates suffering. Be open to different scenarios and outcomes.

It’s like the “Choose Your Own Adventure Books”. If you choose choice A and it’s not your ideal outcome, choose again. Be open to favorable outcomes while learning from your lack of success. Knowing that there are layers of emotional, mental and physical healing. Learn how to surrender into the shifting nature of your body reactions with each layer that you traverse, manipulate and balance. This is essential to your ability to heal.


It’s a virtue. Without it, you will fall into a pit of despair and distrust. This is the crux and base of all of the above components of healing and bridge to the list below.

Relax and Breath into every experience.


This is absolutely a necessity. It is of most importance to create time for solitude and stillness. To learn how to quiet your mind and receive. I’ll say it again, the quiet moments are of ultimate importance. In these times you will receive guidance as to your next steps.

So many times, I received pivotal information from Great Spirit as to what was going on with my body, herbs to use, ways of increasing my vibration, guides that would come and give me incredible healing. Information as to who to go see that had the insight or tools I needed to heal my body. The vast amount of help I received in my quiet time was infinite, and the release of negative energy catapulted my being into positivity and trust in the process.


So many fears, worries and anxieties can arise throughout your process of healing. Your body will go through a vast amount of detoxing, and with the burning of these toxins creates a lot of imbalance, mentally and physically.

Learn how to surrender into the middle of your aches and pains. This will shift your experience radically, dissipating the pain. Yoga Nidra, Sound Baths, Meditation and Depth Hypnosis will teach you this.

Learn how to inquire into your fears and current beliefs. This will help you understand the nature of your reality, and dissolve the negative distrusting mind simultaneously instilling the inherent Buddha nature: creating neutrality and balance within your mind, body and spirit. Shamanic Journeying and Depth Hypnosis is highly recommended for teaching the importance and how to of inquiring within.


Cultivate a deep compassion for yourself, but do not fall into a state of self-pity.

Have appreciation for your body and its amazing ability to withstand such stressors.

Put your needs first, treating yourself with kindness, respect and love. For you cannot love another fully if you are working from a place of anger and resentment due to your exhaustion, pain and anguish. Nourish your body, mind and spirit in every way possible, even if that means you have to ask for help in order to do this.


Finding balance is a necessity and that requires an entire mental, physical and spiritual routine. Connecting with nature has a plethora of benefits and is a reminder of our own rhythmic nature, providing healthy nutrients through natures elements. There are a plethora of studies that show the revitalization and health of getting healthy doses of sunshine, digging in the soil, walking barefoot, lying on the ground, drinking healthy clean water, listening to the sounds of nature, sitting with bees or a tree. It doesn’t matter what you do in nature, just make time to do it. Allow your mind to unravel in the beauty and stillness.


Continue to connect with your eternal highest divine nature, that is untouchable, despite disease and hardship. You ARE NOT your body or your mind thoughts. You are a spiritual being here for a human experience that fully whole-heartedly choose this experience, in all its transient beauty and difficulty!

You were born and your body will one day fall away. Thus, allow your dis-ease to move you into a state of consciousness that is a witness of your experience. Continually aware of your eternal being and the shifting impermanent reality of every moment.

Your healing journey is just that, a journey, a shifting dissolving story. Allow it to teach and strengthen you. To move you into your eternal wisdom and magic.

Do you need help exploring and learning from your experience, increasing your intuition and trust?

I’m here to help you sink into your innate ability to heal YOUR MIND, BODY & SPIRIT. If you are overwhelmed with your present state of health, Depth Hypnosis has such powerful effects to help you move into a centered space within the storms of life by helping unravel the blockages from the subconscious mind, connecting with your peace and power.

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Stay tuned for another musing on Alternative Treatments to healing Lyme and other Chronic Illnesses.

Kari Rivers