Depth Hypnosis


Depth Hypnosis goes to the root...

of your issue so taxing conscious and unconscious, personal and ancestral memory can be unraveled and uprooted from where your soul is most called to work from, unlike mainstream hypnotherapy that only works with your symptoms using suggestions given by your hypnotherapist.

In Depth Hypnosis...

you are an active participant in your healing experience, where you connect, feel and align with your core life energy, allowing you to clearly witness the obstacles of your story and how they were created. By connecting with your innate power and wisdom known as your authentic self, you are able to receive your eternal knowing which naturally dissolves the unconscious conditioning that has created problematic defenses that extend the cycles of suffering. In this space of expanded consciousness, one receives insights that anchors brainwaves into new healthy patterns of beliefs and behaviors that harmonize one's internal and external energy, shifting relationship with self and others. 

Depth hypnosis is an experiential healing process...

that is grounded in eastern philosophies, which when you begin to explore becomes the universal teachings of all western and other world paths. However, it does not require anyone to accept or understand such foundations or beliefs.

The highly transformational experiences one gains in Depth Hypnosis comes from accessing the source of awareness that is within all of creation: within you!


1st Session- (2hr) 

Have you ever told someone your entire story? If you are like most of the population, you have not. If you are like all of my past clients, you will find tremendous healing and knowledge in this biographical account of your story. You will see clearly the mirrored recycling of emotion, beliefs, and constructs within the story lines and relationships of your life experiences. 

With the information you share,  I will review the connections made through the creation of an emotional map that will provide a means of awareness that will be used to guide our therapeutic work together. The map highlights symptoms, problem areas, defenses, strengths, gaps and patterns. Clients find that this knowledge empowers and awakens them into a new story. All the while learning important universal spiritual lessons.

2nd session- (1.5hr)

First, we will review the emotional map created from your biography session. Then we will begin to work with altered states of consciousness by going into a guided journey to connect with your inner wisdom, meeting a spirit guide that is a reflection of your own power, beauty and wisdom.

3rd & Subsequent sessions- (1.5hr)

We will begin to use your biography as a map guiding us to what wounded aspects are most needed in our sessions together. 

In our Depth Hypnosis session,  I guide you into a relaxing state of being that connects you to your intuition and trust in all that arises. Following the feelings, we track into deeper layers of your emotional frequencies, and into the energetic cringes residing in the body which have been marked by past states of being. By bringing awareness into past situations there is a gradual shift in the subconscious relationship with the soul memory, allowing deep healing and recovery to take place. 

My transformation has been incredible since meeting and working with Kari. I have learned to trust my intuition and truly know that I hold within me everything that I will ever need. Through the stories of my past and the stories of my ancestors, my present experience has been empowered with this new found knowledge. Moving from a place of victim to warrior, standing firmly on the ground, no longer shaken by my experience I am rooted in strength, love and support from within.
— Anne S. | Sausalito, Mexico

Are you ready to uproot misconceptions and access the seeds of truth that reside within you? 

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