If you do not already have a meditation practice, as you begin to work with the modalities of Depth Hypnosis, you will begin to understand the importance of a regular daily practice. In meditation you are taking the time to step away from your mental emotional sphere of thoughts and cleanse your mind, body and spirit. Balancing the inner spirit and mind is equally as important as the physical body.

The goal of meditation is to come into a complete stillness of the mind.  It can also consist of certain exercises and breath awareness that relax and open up certain energetic pathways in the body. Synching into a space where we simply witness the mind thoughts come and go without grasping to a particular thought is key. The ultimate arrival is toward no thought. A space of peace and contentment.

Other meditations can be more reflective, or focused on a particular mantra. Within the context of living a mindful life, that being a life in which you form a purposeful awareness with your thoughts, inclinations, actions, emotions, dreams, and physical manifestations, helps us to accept all that is arising without attachment or aversion, improving our well-being, physical and mental health.  

In your work with Seeds of Satya, we can evaluate to see what type of meditation to begin with, as everyone responds differently depending on their beliefs and readiness. 


Prayer malas are very useful in a meditation practice while saying mantras, and are beautifully worn as a necklace or bracelet. A mala is a set of 108 beads, but can also be made in a set of 16, 27, or 54. They are commonly used by Hindus and Buddhists, and are also akin to the Rosarie in Judaism and Catholicism. Malas are used for keeping count while reciting, chanting or mentally repeating a mantra or prayer so one can focus on the meaning and sound. One repetition of the mantra is spoken for each bead, gradually working toward the guru bead with a total of 108. A number that has a vast array of spiritual meaning in every religion around the world.  

Prayer malas are hand made and knotted after each bead and infused with mantras and prayers.  They can be custom made with your preference of gemstones, color of string, tassel and guru bead. Custom Mala orders are welcome.  We can discuss what gemstones you are interested in, dependent on what kind of energy you want to invite into your life, for each holds a unique vibration. Malas make wonderful gifts for loved ones young and old, and smaller beads are available for children and babies. Please contact Kari to discuss what gemstone would be best for you.  Prices vary according to gemstones.