Meditation IS...

a way of life. It is a powerful practice of learning how to still the mind so that stagnant heavy thoughts can be cleared from the mind matrix, raising your energy and vibrational resonance so that you can walk more powerfully and peacefully throughout your experience in life.

What are the benefits of meditation?

  • Meditation works with your conscious and subconscious memory, bridging the corporeal individual body self to the eternal spirit self.

  • It resets your physical, mental and emotional being by deconstructing fears and anxieties into neutral concepts where you no longer feel triggered by the thoughts, beliefs and constructs that once held you into previous limited perspectives.

  • The practice grounds and embodies you into the everyday moment and supports you in the evolution of becoming a happier healthier human, staying more balanced and present within the impermanent nuances of life.

Buddha was once asked, "What have you gained from meditation? He replied, "Nothing! However I have lost anger, anxiety, depression, insecurity, fear of old age and death."

Sounds worth trying, doesn't it? The benefits of meditation are endless, however a lot of "negativity" can also be stirred up, which is a natural purge of the mind which helps one to grow into greater states of neutrality. However these are the aspects of meditation that few talk about. Thus having a mentor and practices that help you find balance are essential. 

What Does it take to succeed?  

It takes commitment and dedication to keep returning to your sacred space within, but once you begin your journey it is difficult to turn away from its potent benefits.  You begin to crave those meditative moments of introspection and silence, and with more and more practice you discover a growing desire to return each and every day and night to your practice. 

What types of meditation are there?

There are many types of styles of meditation. At Seeds of Satya we work with many various meditations that support you in your journey in a multitude of ways discovering what works best for you, such as...

  • Shamanic Journeying

  • Inquiry Meditation

  • Focused Concentration Meditation (breath, mantras, light, sound, vibration, etc)

  • Guided Meditations

  • Sound (voice, instruments, etc)

  • Body Movement Exercises that balances life force energy

You will find an evolving addition of group circles, online resources and musings that will help you in your journey.