We Are One Together, For All Once Known

I continue to be amazed by this song that my 6year old daughter, Anna, sung while we were on Sacred Mountain Sanctuary in the Summer of 2015. She was clearly channeling spirit, as children are so inclined and capable of doing because of their capacious spirit, ease and freedom in the moment. Not judging, thinking, worrying. Just being. 

However, before you read her song, the song that was ascending and descending through her by spirit, I'd like to tell you about the history of the land at Sacred Mountain.

For years in my meditations, I saw visions of a pink energetic city that sat in what felt like the Pisgah Mountains of NC near Asheville. As a guide and mentor I spent many days exploring this beautiful and magical land during college. It was and still remains to be one of my favorite wilderness areas in America. A land that holds the ancient memories of the Druids and Native American Cherokee. My time there continues to stir mystery and magic. 

In my meditations, as I became more still and able to receive without any form of expectation or inquiry, this pink energetic city was an intuitional calling to search for land somewhere near Asheville. I flew in days earlier than my husband to look at schools, then my husband arrived to look with me for land. We had rented a small eco-cabin in the area that felt closest to the Pisgah Forest. Having no idea about the land around it other than what we saw on Airbnb, we were in search of a land that resonated deeply. The first night we were there at the cabin, we sat under the stars and an amazing and otherworldly sight hovered over us. The stars were not individual points of light, they were streaks of light that painted the entire sky. 

The next morning we began to search around the green lush land. We saw that some sort of a school existed there. Little yombs, miniature mongolian yurts, with wood stoves and beautiful drawings on the chalk boards just like the ones at my daughters' Waldorf School in CO. We met a man who was the caretaker who told us that this was the Learning Village, Sacred Mountain Sanctuary's Waldorf School. He also told us of the community of people who lived on the other side of the mountain.

That day we met with the Vision Keeper of the sustainable village. She told us of the vision, all the successes and trials of undertaking such a big and wondrous creation. Our hearts swelled with excitement. Before we knew it we were traveling back to CO to sell our house to purchase land that stood on a knoll overlooking the sea of mountains that was for sale in the community. Our house in Denver sold in two days, however we knew there would be a period of waiting before we could transition.  So our friends who had just bought a house on an acre of land in Wheat Ridge, allowed us to fix up a little carriage house on their farm property that we could live on for the coming year. 

In limbo we traveled bi-yearly to Sacred Mountain, while unexpectedly my husband's dream career suddenly flourished as a public artist, engineer and fabricator. Through the years we have grown closer to the land, and cherish the beautiful moments we have there.

The year after we bought our parcel of land, I told the founder of my visions that I received years before we discovered SMS, of the pink energetic city and where I felt it was located in the mountains. She said that she knows this energetic city well and the discovery and knowledge of it has come to many in the community.

I then told her of my soul memories of once living there as an elder of a Cherokee Tribe that was forced from the land for some reason or another. Unfazed, she already knew this story too, for she had her own remembrance of this time, just like so many in the community, and the overall narrative of events was verified by County Historical Records. 

Her memory was of being an orphan, abandoned by her birth tribe because she had fallen in love with a boy in her community. Years ago, I too had come across a similar tale found within, that had happened in the web of my familial lineage, and was verified as a common bi-law in Cherokee writings.  In her story she came to the land of Sacred Mountain and was taken in by the tribe living there, however they were soon forced to leave by explorers who believed that there was gold in the mountain. Her remembrance was that although the entire tribe left, she refused to leave, hiding and living in a cave, with a man and woman who took over the land. Historical records state that the mining never occured and that one of the miners and his wife continued to live on the land. 

Sacred Mountain.jpg

Although our life has taken a bit of a turn, we flow with life, and trust that there is beautiful and soulful purpose in our rediscovery and connection with our new, but old family at Sacred Mountain. Our time there is always beautiful and full of surprise and inspiration, just as the day Anna sang, "We are together for all, we are souls...".

I hope this speaks to your heart as much as it has mine, with a reminder that the magic never ceases to exist. 

"We are together for all, we are souls.
We are one together, for all once known.
We are the people,The people of souls.
There is nothing around you that is not gold.
Oh woo woo, a feeling in your soul.
Take your life in your hand and put it together, of your soul!

We are the people of your soul,
We are the people making peace in the world. 
There is nothing better, making us women and men.
We are the people, the people of the world.
Taking care and letting go until we know.
We are the people, the people of love.
We are the people in your soul and from above. 
We are the people, the people of love.
There is nothing better than the plants that grow.
Clouds up above and the wind in your air. 
We are the people, of the world above.
We are the people, soul and mind.
For all we are good, but nothing to try.
We are the people, of soul and mind.
We are the people, of the world that we find. 
We are the people that take care of the world.
We are the people, blowin' down and up.
Oh, We are the people of the whole entire world,
And We share our love for something whole. 

We are the people of love, the people of love
Nothing is better, to our souls up above."

- Anna Gracyn Geurts, Age 6

Kari Rivers