The Profundity of Sadness: Learning from our Grief

When I first began my personal journey into healing, I received that the work I was learning was alchemy, turning heavy stagnant states of consciousness into light. Days later I read that Alchemy in Aramaic is translated for “working within and through the dense darkness inside”. 

The ancient field of alchemy has always been acknowledged as the action of attempting to transform lead into gold. The process involves placing ordinary metal through extreme temperatures until it changes into a precious metal like gold. Spiritual masters and philosophers have always spoke of the literal process of transmutation to be allegory for the process of the transformation of an alchemist’s soul into something infinitely more precious than it was before.

Throughout all world philosophy, spirituality and religion, you’ll find a commonality, denoting the theme that our human hardships go hand in hand with knowledge and learning.  As a human, the flames of hardship are what transmute us into the purest of beings.

Why is Grief Important?


The best way to understand human experience is to realize that all things are relative to us. Some experiences are more painful than others, many also debate if we’d know what happiness truly was if we didn’t know sadness.

Above all else, sadness is an essential part of our existence. For one thing, there’s no escaping it and for another, it provides us an opportunity to rise from the lowest points to become the best people we could be. There are lessons to be found in our grief and the events that cause it.

The human mind is a strange entity, it thrives when it is provided with the chance to run free; but its naivety can’t be overcome until and unless the mettle’s been tested. While it’s not a very pleasant experience, it’s also an unavoidable part of all our lives.

The worst times in your life are ones that you never expected and even if you did, the loss was so immense that there was no way you could’ve prepared for them. In these moments, you realize that there is no way you can be prepared for everything life throws at you. Your understanding of your place in the universe changes and it challenges the very core of your belief.

In these moments when your eyes are opened to the frailty of human beliefs and your plans is when you truly come of age.

Growing From Your Grief


The path to personal development and wisdom is paved with failures and some very difficult self realizations.  You will lose faith in your own strength, your abilities and your beliefs at times. However, as humans; it’s impossible to continue existing without an understanding of who we truly are. After all, your power to influence you circumstance is the only proof of your existence.

As you change and adapt to your circumstances, you will recognize your own power in the face of all the hardship you go through. There are always choices to stay in the same place or move beyond into more expansive light filled spaces. At the end of it all, you will come out as the decider of your own destiny in a realm of free will. What do you choose? I choose Alchemy.


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Kari Rivers