Breaking The Cycle: The Sharing of Trauma Between Mothers and Daughters

Epigenetic research shows that we pass on the story and fears of our ancestors, including unresolved trauma that is being carried forward from generation to generation. A type of shared trauma between mothers and daughters, passes counter-intuitive behavior patterns across the progeny.

In order to break this cycle, someone has to recognize how their own behaviors, whether internal or external reactions, are enabling this hurt. With this comes a need to reflect thoughtfully on who we are as individuals and how our actions are shaped by our experiences and imbedded subconscious memory.

Trauma Shapes Personalities


People speak of harmful behaviors, but there is very little thought given to why and how those  behaviors come to be. For this, we need to understand that all of our actions originate from what you know and understand of the world.

As children, when we begin to form personal relationships, we’re also creating a model for how we stand in relation to the greater universe. Parental relations are the bridge between our spiritual selves and our physical being, early childhood is a time when children realize what their true essence is. Our interactions with our parents give us self-impressions that aren’t conducive to our spiritual and emotional growth.

As we grow older, these ideas are reinforced and we continuously relive these experiences based on the only lens that is given to us.

This spiritual and emotional disconnect is then transmitted to our  children, when these disconnects come out in the form of maladaptive behaviors. As a result we may try to compensate for this shortcoming in ways that might stop everyone from fully enjoying the joys of human connection.

Traumatized Personalities Spread Trauma


This overcompensation spills on to our children. This dynamic is even more pronounced between mothers and their daughters considering how the mothers are a model for their daughter’s self-image.

As the mother begins to interact with her daughter in counter-productive ways, a lot of hurt hinders the daughter’s spiritual development as well. This is how trauma spreads across generations. Unless someone decides to break this cycle to help successive generations achieve spiritual and emotional enlightenment, the internal conflict continues to pass down the familial line.

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Kari Rivers