A Beginner’s Guide To Depth Hypnosis

It is common opinion that our conscious thoughts are a reflection of what’s happening in our subconscious; therefore, any conscious destructive behavior is a reflection of a subconscious memory that is triggering your external experiences. Hypnotherapy is a method of psychological treatment that taps into the subconscious thought patterning and works with the power of suggestion which is subjective to your hypnotherapist. Depth Hypnosis however, is different in that you are receiving the suggestions from your highest self by tapping into the subconscious mind to understand the roots of buried memory and the motives created to protect oneself.

Depth Hypnosis taps into the unconscious part of the human brain to bring light to that which is unknown and dissonant, allowing the person to be in a state of witness, no longer avoiding the hardship, but being present so the experience can integrate and move beyond the stored and circumvented impressions of the mind.

How Does Subconscious Trauma Create Psychological Problems?


Sometimes people go through some very traumatic experience that they can’t consciously process. The problem is, they start to repress those experiences to avoid reliving them over and over again. Now even though they’ve been hurt, the damage doesn’t go away just because you ignore it. It stores over time, creating more layers of disharmony. In fact, epigenetic shows that our DNA carries the stories of our ancestors. So not only are we holding subconscious past memory of our own, but we are also experiencing our ancestors unhealed memory, and can be expressed through thoughts and fears which motivate our reactions to life.

Emotional or psychological trauma can be equally devastating to that of a physical injury; and can even be far more destructive. Just as a physical injury doesn’t disappear because you ignore it; for it can become infected or lead to long term physical complications. Similarly, a psychological injury can become worse if not addressed. All layers of memory that compile and create more and more added stress.

If emotional and psychological injuries are left unattended for long periods of time, it doesn’t come out as an infection; it comes out as a maladaptive behavior. People start getting panic attacks, depression and/or substance abuse thinking it’s completely out of the blue when it’s not. Even young children can express obsessive compulsive behavior due to unknown anxiety, yet when explored, it becomes evident that it is all imbedded ancestral wounding. People go through their entire lives without realizing that their behaviors are being influenced by the past . A cycle that is more often than not, a continual passing of grievances that have never been healed or forgiven, thus creates emotional, psychological and physical illness. Expressions that occur due to the repression of negative energy which reaches a boiling point and is finally finding a release through dis-ease and maladaptive behaviors that are an attempt to protect oneself, but really create greater imbalance and harm. It’s the way in which our soul communicates a cry for help.

The Tools of Depth Hypnosis and How it Can Help

Depth Hypnosis helps one to connect with their highest truths, uncovering the subconscious memory of stored thought that inform behavior and beliefs that were created by certain life experiences and ancestral memory. By bringing awareness to your particular story, beliefs and reactions, you’ll find that your shifting experiences in life no longer has control over your behavior, nor does it define you.

In depth hypnotherapy  we use a combination of elements from the core principles of:

  • Buddhism (attachement, aversion, Buddha nature)

  • Shamanism (soul loss, power loss, energetic interferences, spirit guides)

  • Transpersonal Psychology

  • Hypnotherapy (however in Depth Hypnosis suggestions are given by your highest truths, not hypnotherapist)

All the healing work done is guided by your internal compass of intuition, empowering you and shifting your relationship to your story.

At Seeds of Satya, we help people overcome their traumas and help them move on towards living a wholesome life. Through depth hypnotherapy services in Denver Co and Spiritual and Energy Healing techniques used in one on one and group workshops, our clients can better themselves, their relationships and feel free of the burdens of their past. Get in touch with us today for more information on our services and events such as spiritual counseling in Denver Co.

Kari Rivers